Black History Month Spotlight – Morehouse College

On this day back in 1867, Morehouse College was founded in Augusta, GA. Yes, Augusta. Not too long after its founding it was moved to Atlanta. This school is world famous for being one of the few all male, (mostly) black colleges in the world. Many famous people attended this college as well such as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, Spike Lee, Edwin Moses and many others!

You can read more about Morehouse College here!

In Memoriam – Dorothy Height

Dorothy Height, the Godmother of the Civil Rights Museum, passed away on Tuesday of natural causes at the age of 98. She was long standing President of the National Council of Negro Women and a pivotal person in the civil rights movement. She has counseled over 7 Presidents and helped shape legislation for both people of color, women and gays!
We are truly losing our civil rights pioneers!
You can read more about her here! and you can also view a nice pictorial of her life here!
Dorothy, thanks for all you have done. You won’t be forgotten!

Urban Prep Charter Academy

Not too often do you hear about young black men succeeding in academia. You mainly here either their excellence in athletics and/or in the criminal justice system. Well, the first graduating class of the all male, all african-american school in Chicago has something to be proud of and makes a statement as well. All of the graduating class has been accepted into a 4 year college. Now how about that. 🙂 LOL This is also a testament that with hard work, mentoring and overall vision from both parents, teachers and the students that anything is possible.

Now I hope Oprah picks up on this story and gives these students some $$$ for college. Hell if she can go to South Africa for the girls, take care of the boys here in your city!

Read more about Urban Prep Academy and the students right here!

Motivation Spotlight – Stephen Stafford

Now this is a story we don’t hear or read often enough. In a day where most news stories of our African and Latino American youth involve crime, lawlessness, athletics and/or music, we have a whiz kid who is bucking that trend. Meet Stephen Stafford: a 13 years old young man who is a triple major in pre-med, math and computer science at Morehouse College. This is truly amazing when you got some men twice his age who don’t even have a high school diploma!
He loves playing video games and his drum sets but finds education just as exciting. Home schooled by his mother, the mother realized when he was 11 that he needed to be in college when he started teaching her more things that she could teach her.
Now this is a young man we need to embrace and uplift and use as an example to other young men and women that there is nothing wrong with athletics, music, etc but education is truly the ticket. And most importantly, that getting an education isn’t indicative of “Losing your blackness”. I’m sure we have had heard that at some point during our educational career. I know I have!
He should be getting just the same, if not more, respect and honor than athletes and entertainers.
So if you know any “Stephen Staffords”, male or female, take time to acknowledge them, uplift them and encourage other youth to follow his example!
Go Stephen!