Pillow Talk with Raw Daddy – "BrklynKidd – Eternal"

Hello everyone!!! Pillow Talk is back and I had the pleasure to interview one of my “Sons” who is a favorite among Male Erotic Dance circles and Black/Latino porn stars, “BrklynKidd – Eternal”!!! He has been in the adult industry for a few years now and enjoys really enjoys what he does. He was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule of performing to be interviewed for my blog. So I’m very grateful for that. Enjoy my interview with my son!!!

  1. Tell us a little about yourself  (age, where you from, etc.)
I am 24 years old as of today , Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, now residing here in the city of Atlanta
  1. How did you get your porn name “Brklynkidd”? Dancer name “Eternal”?
Well since moving here at the age of 16 and going to high school, I was always repping Brooklyn in any and everything, with people calling me that Brooklyn kid. So I shortened and stuck with it “Brklynkidd”! And coming into my own recently doing porn, it’s the name people know so I kept. But once I started stripping and becoming more well known as an exotic entertainer, I wanted to build a fan base solely on my skills as a performer not anything dealing with brklynkidd! So I thought of the name “Eternal”. Me being Eternal” “Eternal being forever” “Forever being me” and now people know the two personas belongs to one individual.

  1. Some of your fans know of you from your xtube videos back in the day while others know of you as erotic dancer “Eternal”. Which one was the “kickstart” that got you motivated to work in the mainstream porn industry?
Well of course Xtube got me my kick start! Surprisingly my amateur videos were giving Breed It Raw’s Que Santiago a run for his money with rawassaddict! My videos were sexyc comical and just hot all round! From there Que decided to shoot me in one of his videos!
  1. Once you started working with porn companies, was it all you thought it would be?  
Not at all! Companies would approach me offering me cheap offers or would want you to it (i.e. scene) for far less money and how some of them (i.e. models) are on set is just ridiculous but not all are like that!
  1. What was your first film? And what was first day on the set like?
My first film was BreedItRaw’s  “Str8 Outta Brooklyn” with Romance , I was nervous but when I got there, Romance was with his lover (Knight) and they were all smoking and they started cracking jokes on how attractive I looked and was trying to get a 3 sum going. Overall, it was pretty cool and they made me feel comfortable
  1. Your filmography is quite impressive. You’ve worked with a variety of ethnic/interracial companies (i.e. Breed It Raw, ChocolateDrop, etc). If given the opportunity, would you be open to work with major gay companies (i.e. Raging Stallion/Falcon, Treasure Island, etc.)?
I WOULD LOVE LOVE LOVE to work with them. I even applied for Lucas Entertainment after seeing lucasraunch.com. I fell in love with them. So yes, I would love to work with any one of them.
  1. Since your introduction into porn, all of your scenes have been bareback/raw! Is this by choice or would be open to do safe scenes if the opportunity presented itself?
Actually there are a few companies where the video are not out as yet because the company has yet to get off the ground! So with me its whatever I do and what is asked of me within reason! So yes, if presented I wouldn’t have a problem shooting safe sex scenes!
  1. In my previous interviews I’ve talked about the latest debate from health professionals whether or not people performing Bareback/Raw porn encourage viewers to perform “unsafe” sexual practices. Many critics believe it has lead to the rise in HIV infections, particularly with young Black/Latino males. What is your take on their analysis?
Well honesty, viewers watching porn see their favorite actors doing it and see it as the hot thing to do. We should be trying to set an example but then again people are going to do what they please whether it is in porn or not. So I don’t think porn has led to the rise of HIV infections!
  1. Another problem recently being brought to light about the Adult business is the rampant drug usage (PnP – Party n Play) especially with Meth, Cocaine and other drugs. During your years in the Adult Biz, did you see this first hand? Did you happen to engage in it? If so, how did you kick the habit?
Well yes I have seen it first hand and no I don’t do any sort of drugs!

  1. As you know, I am launching my own production company, MEN Entertainment, You’ve been so kind to work with me along with your “brother” Kidd Rockk. The goal is to put a positive, mature and fresh face of Men of Color in porn! Much of the porn featuring black and latino models are mainly based on negative stereotypes perpetuated by both whites and within the black/latino community. I would like to know your take on this!
Sex sells and sexy sells more! I’m sure a mature and civilized look on black men instead of the same old “thug” or gangster being portrayed would be a good thing!
  1. You’re a very popular performer from your photos and videos on Xtube and Facebook, to your work with porn companies. Your sexy swagger, nice body and long thick uncut dick and juicy ass are huge turn-ons for many of your fans! With that comes some negativity from some people (i.e. haters) who have a negative viewpoint on porn stars (even though they are secretly watching you. LOL) How do you handle the criticism?
I applaud it. I take it in and I grow especially with whatever video I may be in on myvidster and the comments left! They watch the video from beginning to end and then have something negative to say …I find it comical, and just goes to show you how fickle people can be.

  1. With all the movies you have done so far, name some porn stars you have really enjoyed working with!
Romance, Kappa, Chino, Phoenix and Hotrod
  1. For future films, which porn stars, that you haven’t had the opportunity to work with, would you like to do a scene with?
Dream. Phat Daddy. Carlito. Antonio Biaggi. Chase Coxxx. Remy Mars. Shorty J.  Dagger. Smoke. Addiction… the list goes on
  1. When you are doing a scene, what type of man is required for you to give an optimum performance?
Someone attractive who is sexy, a good kisser and can suck dick and eat ass!
  1. Throughout your filmography, you’ve showcased lots of versatility. You’re your private life, do you lean one way or another or truly versatile?
 I AM TRULY VERSATILE in my personal life. I don’t give up ass without getting ass but if you are going to give me the ass without wanting anything then I’m cool .
  1. You have done 1 on 1’s, 3somes and group scenes on film. Did you prefer one on one or 3somes/group sex or did it matter?  What about in your private life?
I really didn’t mind any of it, the more the merrier and hotter it will be! As for my personal life, I tend to like 1 on 1’s better!
  1. What’s your favorite position to fuck? Or fucked?
To fuck, I like it doggy style most of all and getting fucked, I don’t really care as long as its good.
  1. Do you prefer a thick dick or a long dick? Or both?
Both would be a plus but I would prefer a thick one
  1. Do you prefer a smooth or hairy ass?
I don’t mind both but a hairy ass turns me on
  1. In a few of your films I see you ventured out into some fetish play. Some piss play. Leather play, etc. What fetishes do you get into?
Well watersports, bondage, leather!  I literally like it all except scat and blood.  I have a HUGE NUTT fetish!
  1. Does your family know you are in the adult film business? If so, what are their thoughts?
Well in the porn industry no, but my family knows I dance and strip and of course they don’t like nor do they approve.
  1. Now that you have been in the adult business, as a dancer and porn star, for some time, do you have any regrets? If you could start all over, would you go into this business?
HONESTLY I’m not one for regrets but I would have not entered the industry knowing the effects it has taken on my future. I would have stayed away from this lifestyle in order to pursue my education/career.
  1. In the next 5 – 10 years, do you still plan to be in the adult biz or retired from all of it? If not, what are your plans after retiring from the adult biz?
Well I don’t think I’m in the biz now, so I feel I am already retired! Unlike most of the entertainers now ,I don’t aspire to be a porn star and can’t help that I am good at having sex  LOL  But I do aspire to becoming a doctor or anything in the health field!
  1. I’m sure of your fans would like to know: Is he single?
At the moment I’m single and dating my boo. We are not officially together but we are happy with what we have so!
  1. Has your work in the adult biz put any more pressure on your past relationships?
Actually, its sorta 50/50! Of course they don’t like it but they knew at that time. It was my bread and butter so we can eat and not for leisure.
  1. How did you lose your virginity?
To a girl, the only girl I dated Felecia. To a guy, unfortunately, I was raped when I was a teenager!
  1. What is something your fans might be shocked to know about you!
I hardly work out or go to the gym and eat whatever I want! My body may seem like its sculpted but I was born this way lol
  1. If there is anything you could change about yourself, what would it be and why?
My smile! I have always been self-conscious about my teeth and because I suck my thumb it hinders me in some aspects of my life such as modeling because I don’t smile.
  1. When Brklynkidd – Eternal is not entertaining the world, what do you do to unwind? What do you like to do in your spare time (i.e. hobbies)?
OH I’m a huge cartoon fanatic! I stay home and watch cartoons but I’m a homebody so I am home anyways eating and watching TV. If I’m not at home, then I’m at the gym.
  1. Here are Raw Daddy’s list of questions I ask each interviewee.
  • Name 5 of your favorite music artists
Kelly Rowland. Miguel.  Marsha Ambrosious. Kendrick Lamar. Lauryn Hill
  • What’s your favorite color?
Green or orange
  • What’s your favorite curse word? 
  • What’s your favorite movie?
Identity thief or Hansel & Gretel
  • What do you fear the most?
Not being successful
  • Boxers or Briefs or Jocks?
All of the above I love the snug of  briefs and the comfort of boxers and the taboo of jocks
  • Big Dick or Big Ass?
Preferably a big ass but still a sucker for big dicks
  • New York City or Atlanta  
Without a doubt New York city
  • What’s your favorite lube?
Anything silicone based
  • If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Will Smith! He just seems so grounded and well put together and I heard him and Jada are freaks LOL
  • If you can be anywhere (i.e. islands, city, etc), where would it be and why?
The Bahamas I like to be relaxed and calm ain’t nothing like having no worries
  1. Thanks so much for your time. I wish you all the best. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans? Do you have a website or blog where your fans can reach you?
Twitter: brklyn_kidd
Skype: brklynkidd
Oovoo: brklynkidd
kik: brklyn_kidd
adam4adam: _brklynkidd_
bgc: _brklynkidd_
and just look out for brklynkidd coming to a screen near you myvidster and maybe my own site coming soon !!!