Black History Month Spotlight – Zora Neale Hurston

Zora Neale Hurston was an established Author, Writer who was instrumental in documenting the life of African American’s in the early 20th century especially during the Harlem Renaissance. Her most famous work is the novel – “Their Eyes are Watching God”.

You can read more about her here and here!

In Memoriam – E. Lynn Harris

Sad news on the literary/entertainment front. Popular Author E. Lynn Harris has died while on a West Coast tour of his latest book “Basketball Jones”. He was 54.

I have all his books. I loved his writing style and him addressing LGBT issues in his book in a manner that was not derogatory! I remember sneeking to get his first book “Invisible Life” from a Black Expo in the 90’s. LOL

“Invisible Life”, “Just As I Am”, and “Basketball Jones” are my 3 favorite books from him.

Wow. Totally sudden and unexpected.

Rest in Peace E. Lynn Harris

Check out this video below of E. Lynn Harris talking about how he got started writing, etc.

Book of the Month – Go Tell It on the Mountain

This masterpiece, from the renowned author James Baldwin, was published in 1953. It’s an semi-autobiographical novel based on the author’s experiences as a teenage preacher in a small revivalist church that examines the role of the Christian Church in the lives of African-Americans, both as a source of repression and moral hypocrisy and as a source of inspiration and community.

Known for not shying away about his sexuality, his later works really started touching more on Homosexulity and Bisexuality. However, he does touch the subject slightly in Go Tell It on the Mountain.

I would highly suggest you purchase this book, if you don’t already have it in your library. It is a classic of contemporary African-American literature!