In Memoriam – Abbey Lincoln

The legendary jazz singer who believed in singing as a political act, died Saturday at the age of 80 in Manhattan. An actress, artist and composer, Lincoln’s music ranged from avant-garde civil rights era recordings to the equally powerful but more introspective recordings of her later years.

Here is a great tribute to her on NPR’s website!

Here is a great video of her singing.

In Memoriam – Guru

Guru, half of the rap group “Gang Starr”, died on Tuesday of complications from cancer. He was 43! Many young folks might not know who he is due to the fact that much of hip hop today doesn’t pay homage to those who you really made hip hop what it was back in the day.

Guru, along with DJ Premier, were pioneers in merging Hip Hop and Jazz Music. Other groups that successfully blended Jazz and Hip Hop, were A Tribe Called Quest and Digable Planets.
May you rest in peace brother! No more pain!
You can read more about him here! Also, get into a couple of tracks from Guru/Gang Starr!