The 8 Black Gays you will meet in your lifetime

I received an email from a good buddy of mine and I must say I was humored by this email. I say humored because I’m sure we have all met one of the types of men! And I’m positive some of us fall into one, if not, more of the “types” lol. One thing I don’t totally agree with is that most of the guys they refer to are mainly bottom. I can see vers but not all bottom.

Anywhoo, read for yourself and tell me what you think. Take it lightly. It’s all in fun!

After reading “A Handy Guide to All Gay Men” by Brian Moylan over at Gawker, what stood out to me (obviously) was that I don’t know many Black men like this. Any one of these archetypes can apply to my Black gay brethren, but by and large, in my experience, they do not. So some mischievous friends and I decided to compose a more colorful equivalent to Moylan’s classifications. Your education begins now.
a-skinnyThe Skinny Bitch
This strain of Black gay is typically very young (“green”) but quickly rises in popularity in his newfound social circle because of his youth, pliability and quick mastery of shade. His goal is to accrue as many enemies as possible since he’s convinced that having enough people that despise him means he’s “doing something right.” He will spend an entire month’s salary on designer sunglasses because he considers them social currency.
Activities: “Walking”, throwing shade, wearing eyeliner, being penetrated, hogging the camera, starting arguments with strangers, making youtube videos, going to the mall.
Diva of Choice: Beyonce or Rihanna (there is no in-between)
Top or Bottom: Bottom.
The Homo Thug
The Homo Thug’s days are numbered since this is a group that usually patterns itself after trends in Hip-Hop, and the thug image is slowly fading. However, this image is still a selling point in gay porn and a popular refuge for closeted men. He usually has archaic notions about Black male sexuality and equates “thug” with masculinity. He is disrespectful, self-hating, and needs to pull his pants up.
Activities: Hiding, lying, saying “I don’t do that gay shit”, smoking weed, being ignorant, having kids, having a limited vocabulary, not returning calls, breaking hearts.
Diva of Choice: Lil’ Wayne
Top or Bottom: Outdoor Versatile Top/Indoor Power Bottom
The Big Boy
These teddy bears are sweet, loving, warm and always horny. The lines between a good meal and good sex are often so blurred that any conversation involving “meat” will simply have to be taken in stride. He is way more confident than you think he has a right to be, always has a date (because he looks “healthy”), he’s funny, and will give you anything in the world as long as you are consistently fucking his brains out.
Activities: Calling skinny bitches “skinny bitches”, cooking, hugging, making inappropriate double entendres, grabbing.
Diva of Choice: Jennifer Hudson
Top or Bottom: Bottom.
The Muscle Queen/Athletes
They roll in packs and only date each other. You never see them during the winter months because they are in the gym 24/7. Come summer, he’s wearing the smallest tank-top or the tightest t-shirt. Don’t bother lusting after him, because you do not exist in his world.
Activities: Making fun of fat people, lifting weights, talking about lifting weights, accusing skinny people of being sick, dating white guys, bumping into people, being penetrated.
Diva of Choice: Creatine.
Top or Bottom: Versatile/Power Bottom.
The Church Queen
In spite of the Black church’s reputation for homophobia and intolerance, you will find that a number of Black gay men make the church the cornerstone of their social interaction, perhaps out of a sense of familial or religious obligation, or simply because the choir is so fierce. The Church Queen is usually loyal and loving, but is prone to Tourette-like outbursts of “Jee-suss!!” in any given situation. He listens to gospel music constantly and considers Loretta Divine his spirit animal.
Activities: Cooking, talking loud, clutching his pearls, singing, being called “mother”, being single, speaking with a southern twang even though he’s from the midwest or the northeast.
Diva of Choice: Karen Clark Sheard
Top or Bottom: Sanctified Bottom.
The Uppity Snob
He is educated, has a six-figure salary, a nice car and a big house, but nothing is good enough for him. He will throw dinner parties with his Coven Of The Articulate and they will all wear hard-soled shoes regardless of the season, time of day or theme. When he’s among other types of gays, he will roll his eyes, sneer, or attempt to oppress them intellectually. In spite of all his accomplishments, he’ll never be happy, can’t take a joke and never laughs. He can usually be found in the club wearing a blazer and sipping a cocktail against the wall.
Activities: Debating, sighing, having a small penis, having furniture delivered, going to the spa, being offended, finding excuses to use any word that requires a schwa.
Diva of Choice: Whitney Houston
Top or Bottom: Versatile/Bottom.
The Alterna-Queen
He doesn’t like the “gay scene” because he finds it “too mainstream.” You can find him a coffee shop with his MacBook Pro listening to underground Soul or Hip-Hop, writing poetry and waiting for someone with whom he can debate the oppression of goats and librarians. He often accuses people of “not getting” him and reactively dislikes anything that everyone else likes. He’s basically “The Uppity Snob” but with dreadlocks.
Activities: Poetry slams, debating, having his locks re-twisted, blogging, shopping at outdoor markets, calling himself a photographer, quoting Marcus Garvey, dating white men.
Diva of Choice: Some bitch you never heard of.
Top or Bottom: Top for white guys, otherwise versatile.
The Old Queen
The Old Queen has seen everything and done everyone. He thinks you’re frivolous and that you stole everything from his generation. He will say things like “in my day, the men were men” and “remember when House music was House music?” He is short of patience and doesn’t want to hear your whining.
Activities: Knowing everything. Remembering everything.
Diva of Choice: Stephanie Mills, Teena Marie, Chaka Khan or Luther Vandross.
Top or Bottom: Like it even matters.

Pillow Talk with Raw Daddy: Romance

Pillow Talk is my interview series with adult porn stars of both gay and str/bi porn.

This interview is with popular porn star Romance who has done work recently with Dawgpound USA but also has done work with Taggaz as well.
1. Tell us about yourself (age, where you from, etc.) – I’m not telling my age,but im from MIAMI

2. How long have you been in the adult industry? – Since i was 19

3. How did you get into the adult industry? – I was asked to do a shoot for inches magazine

4. Was being in porn a dream of yours or something that just kind of happened? – lol Naw something i just got into

5. Does your family know you are in the adult film business? If so, what are their thoughts? – Yes my family knows

6. What was your first day on the set of porn movie like? – It was cool interesting it was a group set.

7. When we first talked, I mentioned to you that I will start my own production company that will put a positive, mature and fresh face of Men of Color in porn! Much of the porn for black and latinos are mainly based on negative stereotypes perpetuated by both whites and black/latinos. What changes would you like to see in the porn industry? – We need gate keepers to keep these wack sites from putting out bullshit

8. What has your experience been like working with smaller “boutique” studios (i.e. Dawgpound, PapiThugz)? – All good so far

9. Do you have a desire to work with major studios? If so, which ones? – It’s hard to get on with major companies unless your white or roided out.

10. Condom-less sex is making a comeback in porn. Even major studios that now shoot condom only movies, are releasing “classic” movies that feature raw/bareback sex. What is your take on the raw/bareback comeback in porn? – It helps me bust; good ones thats all i got to say

11. Name some porn stars you have really enjoyed working with! – I really enjoyed Venom

12. Would you star in a Bi or Str8 porn movie? If so, any str8 stars in particular you would work with?
I would, i dont know may chick names but as far as dudes i like Jack napier, Mandingo, Byron long

13. How and when did you lose your virginity? – I put my dick in this girl in my aunts back yard when i was 12

14 You have mainly done both 1-1 scenes and 3somes. Which do you prefer more? If your private life, do you prefer 1-1? 3somes/Groups? – I really enjoy it all. groups are fun though.

15. What’s your favorite position to fuck? – Missonary

16. In most of your films you started off more as a top. Through time, you have become more versatile on film. When not on film, are you just as versatile or lean towards one way? – To be honest, now, im only vers on film. i prefer to top in private!

17. What turns you on about a man – both sexually or non sexually! – Masculinity

18. Are you single? In a relationship? If you are in a relationship, how has it affected your relationship being in the adult industry? – Im actually in a relatioship and it doesnt affect my relationship at all

19. Where do you see yourself in the next few years in regards to the porn industry? – Not sure if i will be in the industry in a few years but if i am i want my own site or have a group exotic entertainers that travel.

20. Do you have a website or blog where your fans can reach you? – BGC “romancexl”

21. Here are Raw Daddy’s list of questions I ask each interviewee.

· Name 5 of your favorite music artists :old Whitney, India Arie, Prince, Luther, Missy

· What’s your favorite color? yellow

· What’s your favorite curse word? Bitch

· Boxers or Briefs or No Underwear : boxers

· New York City or Los Angeles: NEW YORK

· What’s your favorite lube? astro glide

· McDonald’s or Wendy’s: neither

· What do you prefer: Big Dick or Big Ass? big dick

· If you can be anywhere (i.e. islands, city, etc), where would it be and why? Island, being from miami im a beach baby i love the ocean

22. Thanks so much for your time. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?


The World Famous Self-Hating Negro

Today is the day many in sports, especially golf fans, were waiting for. Tiger Woods finally spoke about his scandalous life that has brought down probably the most lucrative sports brand known to man. From what was a simple car accident turned into some salacious experiences we didn’t think (or probably did but didn’t care to discuss) would happen.

Personally, he gets what he deserves. From the beginning his father pumped him in Tiger that black isn’t beautiful and the only way to make it is by appealing to white folks. All the whores he fucked (and also hearing it was men too) were all white. And now the press (mainly white) is ready to crucify him. Awww. how sweet it is! LOL
This is Tiger’s psyche – My name is Tiger Woods. I’m a self hating black man that loves white women (and men). I’m entitled and can do everything I want because I’m rich, non-black (in his mind) and white people love me!

Here is his public statement he gave today! What do you think of his public statement?