If Oprah was gay!

Well, Oprah has said time and time again that her and Gayle aren’t gay. But something deep in my soul says otherwise.

I ran across this photo on another site and I couldn’t stop laughing. I mean don’t tell me this photo doesn’t have you thinking like “mmmmm”. LOL

Missy Elliott feat. Nicole Wray & Mocha – "Hit Em Wit Da Hee"

Here is a classic song from Missy when she and Timbaland were the SHIIIIITT. They had a muse that Janet has with Jimmy Jam/Terry Lewis. Hopefully both women will realize they need to get back with these producers and get to creating some hot music!

This video is so unique and she was known for having non traditional hip hop videos. Her early videos are stuff of legends. I love this video and the dance ending with the violin sampled music! HOTNESS.

DC says yes to Same Sex Marriage

The DC City Council, by a 11-2 vote, has approved Same Sex marriage. The bill now goes to Mayor Fenty who says he will sign it. It will go to Congress which will most likely approve DC’s City Council/Mayor’s approval.

I think I need to move back up North since the South is no way near legalizing same sex marriage.
Check out the video below and take a listen to the black couple who expresses their joy on the decision. (3:52 mark)