BET Awards 2009 – Review

I hardly watch BET since Bob Johnson foolishly sold it to Viacom several years ago. I knew it would go down hill in quality program and unfortunately the network has almost sunk to the lows of MTV. However, BET does have one redeeming event, and its the BET Awards. This year’s award show was going to be status quo until the unexpected death of Michael Jackson. So, the producers rightly made sure they honored Michael, and subsequently the whole Jackson Family, for their impact on entertainment/music! Also it was good to see presenters, winners, etc. pay homage to the man that literally made it possible for not only the network to survive but for most of these non talented performers to make some cash. Overall the show was ok… borderline boring. The tributes to Michael could have been better but I do know it was very last minute. I won’t give a detailed report on it as BET will air it ’til your face turns blue for the next month or so. But I wanted to give a brief summary of the highlights and lowlights!


The classiest and most emotional part of the whole evening occurred at the very end of the show when Janet Jackson came out to thank the world for their love and support for the family during this difficult time! It’s definitely a tear jerker!

Maxwell came roaring back doing what he does best. A true singer/entertainer. Lots of these other R&B male singers need to learn from him!

The Lifetime achievement to the O’Jay’s was another good treat. Thank God BET is learning to recognize the old school artists who were original with their music and showcased much artistry/talent on stage. And what an added gem to have the one and only Don Cornelius to introduce them. CLASSIC! I think the funniest part was Eddie Levert’s acceptance speech and his curse word moment talking about meeting Michael Jackson. Just a hoot!

New Edition was a good choice for doing the Jackson 5 tribute. New Edition was the 80’s version of the Jackson 5 and it went off pretty well!


When will our brothers ever learn!!! After a night of celebrating a life of a Michael Jackson and having a relatively good night of performances, you have Lil Wayne and his ugly ass along with crew cursing up a storm, rapping about non-sense and just acting like coons! Another lowlight in the rap performance was Soulja Boy. Rap/Hip Hop has truly lost its way!

Ciara trying to sing Michael’s song “Heal the World”. What the fuck was that about. That girl has limited vocal range as it is and here she is trying to sing a MJ Classic. NO LOVE. Stick to dancing and lip syncing. NEXT!

Why was Jamie Foxx always trying to plug his concert dates? He can sing but I think he must realize that he isn’t that relevant as a singer. He just needs to stick to acting.

What were your highlights/lowlights of the BET awards?

Michael Jackson – "Billie Jean"

I think I can speak for everyone that we surely didn’t expect the sudden death of Michael Jackson.

Words can’t even express my grief! I’m a HUGE Jackson Family fan and I have ALL their music. My cousin and I were going to see him in London on July 18th.

Let’s say a prayer for his mother and whole family. I’m sure this is just unimaginable and devastating for them!

Here is Michael performing at the Motown’s 25th Anniversary doing his classic song “Billie Jean”. This performance solidified his place in history!

We love you Michael. Long live the King of Pop, Rock and Soul!

HIV-Negative Only – A Growing Wedge For Gay Men?

As gay men struggle to make sense of steadily rising HIV cases (which will be discussed in another blog post), the rift between how those who are HIV-negative and HIV-positive interact is growing, especially in the black/latino gay communities. This a serious concern considering HIV positive people often hide or lie about their status due to fear, denial, peer pressure and shame. If you don’t believe me, go to any of the dating/hook-up sites, like Adam4adam or Men4now, or BGC, and see most of the men claiming they are HIV-. Also, back in 2007, there was a networking event in NYC geared specifically for HIV- people only! I don’t think it goes on anymore but here is the link to the event!

Now, I’m not saying that a lot of the guys on those sites are lying about their status. However, with recent statistics showing in major cities, that the HIV rate amongst gay/bi men of color is almost 1 in 4…come on now? LOL . You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that many of them are lying. And if you really read some of the profiles on the sites, they might select HIV- but what will be quick to say they looking for “anything goes” type of sex. you feel me?

I think personally what really makes this situation even worse is the church and its lack of support for people affected and infected with HIV/AIDS! With many of the mega churches not having a single HIV ministry where their parishinors can go for counseling, testing, etc., you wonder why so many men are not only seek some risky sexual behaving having sex with men (some being men with leadership positions) but also with women, to appease the public like they are heterosexual. (I will definitley be having a post soon about the black church and homosexuality..that’ll be a juicy post..LOL)

The only way to curtail the HIV infection rate is for everyone to work together and support citizens regardless of HIV status.

I respect anyone’s reasons for ruling out potential partners no matter how narrow the filter. It’s your choice. Of course, this practice comes with the acceptance that these must-have/can’t be filters decrease our chances of making true connections with wonderful people. I try to leave as much room as possible for love and important friendships to walk through my door.

What’s your take on this? I would love to read your comments!

Clarence Thomas casts lone vote against Voting Rights Act

In an 8-1 U.S. Supreme Court decision, Justice Clarence Thomas cast the lone vote against a key provision of the Voting Rights Act on Monday.

The Court, in Northwest Austin Municipal Utility District Number One v. Holder (PDF link) declined to overturn the 1965 Voting Rights Act that has often been challenged by conservative critics as unnecessary. Instead it avoided the “difficult” question about the constitutionality of the law. But the Court did allow a tiny Texas municipality to be exempted from a requirement to provide advance notice before making changes to its election procedures.

In his dissent, Thomas seemed to argue that the Voting Rights Act is no longer necessary because the explicit racial segregation of the Jim Crow era is gone.

Even the most conservative justices (aka Anthony Scalia) voted for the provision.

Clarence Thomas has truly shown to the world he hates himself and people of African/Latino decent! He truly needs mental evaluation!

Dorion Standberry – Exposed

Dorion Standberry, from BET’s “College Hill – Atlanta”, is a model/actor who is the latest celebrity in having their personal/private photos leaked on the net. It seems a bitter Ex hacked his email/twitter account and posted not only nude photos of him but also conversations with a man he might be dating and/or fucking and also names and private #’s to well known celebrities. DAMN DAMN DAMN.

I think what gives this story more legs is the fact he denies being gay. He was interviewed this morning on V-103 and the DJ ripped into him about it but he still denies he is gay! Unfortunatetly, like many black/latino celebrities whom we know are gay, he will deny it ’til the day he dies even though we have leaked photos and the sexually based conversation with this unidentified man. It just makes say “Yeah Right”.

Today’s Lesson: Watch who you bring into your circle. You never know who is gonna turn their back on you!

Well get into the X rated photos below! I must admit, he got a long thick dick! 🙂

Online Dating Murder

I got this information from my boy in NYC. For those of you who are active looking for sex on A4A, Men4Now, Craiglist or whatever, Please Please Please be careful who you connect with. Dying over some dick and/or ass ain’t worth it!

A Bronx man was arrested and charged Friday night with the second-degree murder of a Queens man. He was caught in MA at his mother’s home!

Alexys Fermaintt, 30, allegedly stabbed Mike Pecora, 38, who was found inside his Queens Apt. on Wednesday.

Fermaintt and Pecora met each other on Craiglist’s personal M2M ad. Fermaintt has a page on Myspace and also a clip on youtube.

Sources said Pecora’s family called his cell phone, which was in the hands of a Queens cab driver. Fermaintt gave the cabbie the cell phone in exchange for cab fare. Police said the driver then led authorities to Fermaintt.