Assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr!



On the 46th anniversary of his assassination, I know Dr. King is looking down on all of us and shaking his head! I bet he is saying continue killing, robbing, stealing, and doing all of these evil things to one another after all that freedom fighting he and his comrades (male and female) did for us! I would personally like to apologize to Dr. Martin Luther King, and all those who fought for civil rights for all people, for all of the disrespectful things we as people are doing in this world today!!



Gay Bashing in Atlanta

Well with all the progress the LGBT is making (i.e. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Same Sex Marriage, etc.), we still have to deal with very ignorant people who have internalized their homophobia and in turn used violence on others to repress their feelings. And to see this happen in Atlanta which is truly the gay black mecca of the South is disturbing. Sadly, both gay and str8s have this love for thugs. And if that is the case, I would hope you would reconsider after watching this video. Also, I doubt we will see a large amount of gay/bi men of color denounce this violence and rally around the victim like they would gather for a Beyonce concert, or Sex Party or pack a club to see the cutest boys. 😦
You can view the video below or by clicking here!. It’s very hard to look at!

In Memoriam – Chad A. Johnson

I just found out earlier this week that a childhood friend of mine was murdered a couple of weeks ago in Las Vegas. The crazy thing is while I was in Las Vegas visiting my lil brother for his bodybuilding competition, I was watching the local news and saw a story about an arrest of a suspect of a murder that just happened. Now I’m realizing it was the suspect who killed my friend. WOW.

Rest in Peace Chad!