Jackson 4 T Shirt

I saw this shirt worn by a porn star on his blog and I searched high and low where to find it and buy it.

Finally I found out that a company in San Francisco made only a certain # of them and I was able to buy the last 2 Large t-shirts.

I think its not only a tribute to Michael but the Jackson Brothers!

Rest In Peace Michael!!!

Melba Moore Interview

I work part time at a radio station and I was subbing for the evening host and had an opportunity to interview an accomplished actress and singer. Melba Moore was in Atlanta to receive a Trumpet Award and also appeared on the Mo’Nique show.

I interviewed her for about 25 min and it was just great. She is so down to earth and friendly.
Here is a classic jam from Melba Moore “Keepin’ My Lover..Satisfied”

"This Is It" Movie Review

I just got back from seeing a midnight release of Michael Jackson’s movie “This Is It”. I must say, as a die hard Jackson Family fan (especially Michael and Janet), that this is a must see for any MJ fan or any music lover who can appreciate the artistry of Michael Jackson.

The movie is shown in documentary format as they rehearse for the London concerts. The songs are played in order of how the concert would have been! You get to see real moments of Michael kindly telling the musicians, dancers and tech people this is how its done. PERIOD. I love how he says “It’s all in love”. That meant get your shit together. LOL
The movie is running for only 2 weeks. I’m going to see it again on Thursday as I take my sister for her birthday gift.
I’ll definitely will buy the DVD when its released because I’m sure they will have more footage that wasn’t shown in the movie.
Damn…I’m gonna start crying again. I can’t believe he is gone!
Long Live MJ.