LGBT History

The 2012 elections proved to be historic on many levels today especially within the LGBT community.

3 states – Maine, Maryland and Washington have approved same-sex marriage. Minnesota residents blocked a constitutional amendment that would have blocked any passage of same sex marriage.
And in Wisconsin, residents not only voted for their first woman to represent their state but also an openly gay woman in Tammy Baldwin.

Black History Month Spotlight -Rep. John Lewis

Today I spotlight a true civil rights activist, Rep. John Lewis of Georgia. One of the many men who worked along with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr and countless others, he has dedicated his life for equal rights not only for African Americans but also Latinos, Asians, Women and Gays. He is a true ally to the LGBT community. And on yesterday he was awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Obama. Job well done Rep. Lewis.

You can read more about him here and here!

Judge rules California’s ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional

Great news out of my home state of California. A judge has found that Prop 8 (which banned same sex marriage) was unconstitutional. This is a great victory for LGBT community as their initial plan for Prop 8 was terribly flawed in its promotion.

There will be appeals from those saying that the voters approved the ban! You can expect this to go the Supreme Court!