LGBT History

The 2012 elections proved to be historic on many levels today especially within the LGBT community.

3 states – Maine, Maryland and Washington have approved same-sex marriage. Minnesota residents blocked a constitutional amendment that would have blocked any passage of same sex marriage.
And in Wisconsin, residents not only voted for their first woman to represent their state but also an openly gay woman in Tammy Baldwin.

Blatino Awards

Well the nominations at the Blatino Awards are in and I wasn’t selected for either the Best Non-Porn or Best Porn Blog.
I want to thank those who did vote but wonder how many of you all truly voted for me. All the emails and comments I get and you couldn’t take a couple of minutes to vote for my blog.
It’s sad as well because some of the sites that did get nominated aren’t about shit anyway. But nonetheless, thanks again for those who did vote for me!