In Memoriam – Sandy Hook Elementary

Let us say a prayer for the family of the young kids murdered today while at school. Also dead, were the mother of the shooter, Principal and other school staff.

This world is truly going crazy!

The President’s own reaction I think can really be felt but many in the world!

What The Fuck ….Kids die at the hands of their mother!

Something just ain’t right in South Carolina. From crooked wayward politicians to mother’s having this thing for killing their kids, putting them in a car to drown in a lake or pond. This same thing happened with a white woman, Susan Smith, who said a black man did it but soon confessed she did it and is now in jail.

This time its a unemployed black woman who claimed she wanted to be “free”. Free from what? Well I doubt Shaquan Duley will ever be “free” again after suffocating her two sons – Devean Duley, 2, and Ja’van Duley, 1!
With all the couples looking to adopt or other family members that possibly could have helped the kids, why on earth kill them? Just sad! We are truly living in our last days! People have really lost their minds!
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Rest in Peace to Devean and Ja’Van Duley!

Laurence Fishburne’s Daughter and …Brian Pumper?

Yes!!! You read the title right. This story is still somewhat under the radar but it is quickly coming to light around entertainment circles. The eldest daughter of well renowned actor Laurence Fishburne (i.e. “School Daze”, “Matrix”, “What’s Love Got to Do With It” & more) is breaking out in porn. Yes Porn!. I’m not knocking porn and people who want to do it, but being that I’m the child of probably one of the most recognized black male actors and you want to have a career in porn is a bit …mmm I don’t even know where to begin. LOL. It’s now come to light she was arrested for prostitution back when she was 16. WOW. Talk about a dysfunctional home life! Now there is rumors he is part of an occult and may have molested her as a child. We shall see if that part of the story ever comes out!

Anyway, Montana Fishburne will have her porn debut with legendary porn star Brian Pumper. Well I give her kudos for at least getting with an A list porn start.
Check out this video (which is NFSW) with Brian Pumper and Montana, who’s stage name will be “Chippy D”…yes…”Chippy D”…let’s not even go there on that. LOL. Watching this video, you can tell both aren’t dealing with a full deck of cards. And is it me, but is Brian Pumper really letting folks know he is a switch hitter. LOL. Real talk. I mean the body language, tone of his voice, etc. and I saw this and I’m like “Oh yea, that brother is getting fucked DOWN”. lol