The Face of Marriage Equality: Gee Smalls & Juan Session

We Are the Face of Marriage Equality: Gee Smalls & Juan Session
pictured, Gee and Juan “relaxed,” from
Throughout our vast LGBT world, every month we find a couple to represent our “Faces of Marriage Equality.” This month is no different, as we travel to Atlanta, Georgia, where we find Gee Smalls and Juan Session, a beautiful couple who have now been together for four years.
Dreams and Careers
Gee, originally from Charleston, South Carolina, is 35 years old and has an 11-year-old son. As a youngster, Gee dreamt of being a chef, but his interests changed. His great interest in producing events led to starting his own Event Production Company alongside is husband, G.SPOT Productions.
Juan, 30, originally from Los Angeles, California, had dreamt of being a singer, but he also had a great fondness for event production, which led him and Gee to start G.SPOT Productions.
How They Met: From that first spark to candlelit love-making!
The couple met in a local restaurant, where Gee saw Juan dining with some friends. He walked over to him and sat down, and they began to talk. Right off the bat, it was clear there was a spark between the two of them. In no time at all they fell in love, and the rest is history.
Gee and JuanNot only do Gee and Juan share their lives as a married couple, but they also have the pleasure of working together in their Event Production business. Most of their days are spent at work, but they do take time for themselves to go to the gym, cook together, and attend some special events in the evenings. They love the spare time they share doing things such as taking trips, playing cards or Scrabble, planning and hosting parties, going out for dinner, or just cuddling up to watch a movie together. As for romance, they love candlelit dinners, candlelit massages, and, above all, candlelit love-making. It makes their relationship feel very special.
Juan and Gee’s fondest memories together include the day they met and fell in love, the days they met each other’s families, and, of course, the day they married and became one. They also are quite proud of each other for certain obstacles they have faced and conquered. Gee is extremely proud of Juan for the strides he has made in reconciling with his father. Juan is proud of the fact that Gee stepped out of the corporate America “shell” and is now pursuing his real dreams.
What Makes a Healthy Same-Sex Relationship?
I asked Juan and Gee what they think makes a healthy same-sex relationship. They told me that one important factor is not to mimic straight relationships: “It is important to make your own rules for your marriage,” they state. Their definition of love is that they care more about each other’s feelings than they do about who may be right or wrong. They state that getting over their own egos helps in sustaining their relationship.
Gee and JuanHopes for Their Marriage and for the LGBT Community
Gee and Juan have a few projects in the near future which they are quite proud of. They are in the process of searching for a new home and selling their old one. They are also working on a reality show about their marriage. Additionally, there is the possibility of a collaboration on writing a book. They plan to expand their Event Production company and hope to inspire others in the LGBT community: “Using all these avenues, we hope to reach the masses and open their eyes to the love we share in our community and to help them realize that LOVE is Just Love,” they told me.
Juan and Gee have a great hope for the worldwide LGBT community: They would love to see more people coming out of the proverbial closet and living their lives loudly and proudly.
We at 10,000 Couples wish Gee and Juan much success in their future endeavours, and we are pleased to include them in our “Faces of Marriage Equality.” They are an example to us all.

By John “Jasz” Szlachetka, Feature Author