Kaldrick and Tariq – LA Complex

I don’t watch much scripted TV, but for the last few months, i’ve been hooked to a Canadian show called L.A. Complex. Overall, the show is ok but the gay storyline between Kal (Andra Fuller) and Tariq (Benjamin Watson) is the meat of the show. Not only was a gay storyline but a storyline with believable gay black men!

Season 2 has been about Kal’s journey accepting the fact he is gay. I must say the writing for his storyline has been on point. And mad kudos to the writers for possibly writing the best ending (i hope not) for Kal’s as he addressed his fans.

If you haven’t seen the show, I suggest you go to youtube and type “Kal and Tariq” and look at all their clips. Andra Fuller’s role as Kaldrick King is just exceptional. He should be winning awards!

Here is the the final two episodes for this seasons just featuring the scenes with Kal. The last 5 min of the 20 min video are the most powerful.

What The Fuck ….Man kills Ex-boyfriend

One thing not talked about much in the LGBT community is domestic violence. Many times it goes unheard of due to the fact that victims are feel shame, embarrassment, etc. It definitely needs to be talked about more that’s for sure as you will read from this story in Miami about a man who just couldn’t let go of his Ex. Tragic!!!!

North Miami former teacher, Gregory Higgs (pictured above) is charged with first-degree murder in the stabbing death of his ex-boyfriend, high school teacher Charles Brown. Higgs, 53, was in a seven-year relationship with Brown, 54, before Brown broke it off for unknown reasons earlier this year. After the breakup, Higgs had resorted to sending Brown’s family nasty emails demanding answers over the breakup. He even sent threatening emails to Brown’s work and letters to the Miami-Dade County School Board.

In the afternoon on December 3rd, neighbors witnessed a later-identified Higgs waiting in Brown’s apartment hallway and called the police. Neighbors again called the police when they witnessed Higgs stabbing Brown to death. Neighbors even attempted to stop Higgs, to no avail. Higgs fled on foot but didn’t get far as neighbors tracked him as he ran through the apartment building and notified police.

Higgs was apprehended shortly after the crime, covered in Brown’s blood. According to investigations, “Brown’s refusal to give their relationship another try angered Higgs to the point that he decided to attack Brown.”

You can view the video here!