WWE wrestler superstar Darren Young comes out as Gay!!!


I haven’t watched WWE in quite some years but to hear this is some big news in the sports/entertainment world.

Black Wrester, Darren Young, came out as gay while being interviewed by TMZ at Los Angeles airport. Him coming out was actually refreshing. He wasn’t boastful but more genuine and very matter-of-fact about it. You can check out the video here!

The WWE also pledged their support to him as well. You can view their press release here!


I wonder if this will open the flood gates of more Men of Color in the Professional Sports/Entertainment to come out as well. I truly hope so!



Mad Love to Darren!!



NBA center Jason Collins comes out!!!

Sports History happened today! NBA Center, Jason Collins, with the Washington Wizards has come out. He has an eloquent piece in Sports Illustrated which hits stands in May. You can read his coming out by clicking here!

I totally have mad respect for him. He came out on his own terms and not thru scandal (i.e. Kerri Rhodes and Kwame Harris).

Michael Irvin graces the cover of OUT Magazine

Michael Irvin, the NFL Hall of Famer, who was part of the Dallas Cowboys, is on the cover of OUT Magazine! He has a candid interview about his older brother Vaughn, a cross dresser, his father’s unconditional love for his brother, battling his “demons” and his support for gay rights and same-sex marriage. Its a very good read and you can read more about it here!

Indianapolis Colts’ CB Justin Tryon and his equipment

Anyone who knows me can tell you I’m a huge sports fan. I can watch it all day…especially football. So when I saw these photos of Indianapolis Colts Cornerback Justin Tyron, I damn near fainted. It’s obvious he was “blessed” with a huge long dick and phat ass. Check out the photos for yourself.

I know them Ho’s (both men and women) are on his jock left and right trying to get some of that dick!!! LOL…and I have no shame in saying I would be wanting both!!! LOL