What The Fuck ..Shit and Cut

This video here is many things. LOL
There are so many questions that begged to be answered.
1) The one doing the cutting. Were you in jail? I don’t really know of any str8 man who would shit and cut another man’s hair at the same time unless you been up in jail.
2) The one being cut. Have you been in jail? LOL or do you have a fetish for cute boys on the toilet? Then I guess another fetish is having a cute guy on the toilet and cutting your hair. LOL
3) The guy videotaping. You must have really been enthralled with two cuties because I don’t know of any str8 man (no matter how comfortable in their sexuality) would videotape this. LOL
4) This is for all the guys in the video. I can’t believe you allowed it to be broadcasted to the world! LOL WOW!!!