Joe Simmons

He is probably the most well known African American gay porn star ever. Known for his great looks and body, he is also well known for his versatility in porn. He did it all on film with no shame and with sexual abandon. Like most porn stars from that area, he passed away in 1995 from AIDS related complications. Boy do I wish we had more like him in the game now!

3 thoughts on “Joe Simmons

  1. Joe Simmons was born in 1959 in Yonkers and made a number of gay porn movies beginning in the mid-1980s. He got into the entertainment industry by building sets and later studied acting and appeared in off-Broadway shows. After taking up bodybuilding, he appeared in several magazines and then worked as a model for controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Famous for his incredible physique, Joe stood about 6ft 4ins tall and had a large cut cock. He topped and bottomed in his films. I can remember buying INCHES at the local newstand here in NJ.

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