Folsom Street Fair 2010

This past weekend, I was in the San Francisco Bay Area to visit my parents and also attend my 1st Folsom St. Fair. I’ve been to many other leather events but this is my first Folsom St. I can say without a doubt I will be going back. I mean only in San Francisco can you walk around half to fully naked, wear your leather, see all kinds of kinkiness. It’s the best. Here are some photos of my trip!

REEL Black, Latino, Asian Same Gender Loving (SGL) Films

I was browsing thru some blogs and came across a very detailed blog posting of LGBT films with People of Color. He breaks it down for the African-American Community, Latino Community, Asian Community and more.

This is definitely a good find for those who are movie buffs!
Here are the links!
African-American LGBT Films…click here!
Latino, Asian, Indian LGBT Films…click here!
LGBT Films fearing People of Color…click here!
Much thanks to Rod who compiled this very expansive list of rare films, documentaries, and more! You can check out his blog here!

Another Lawsuit against Bishop Eddie Long

The flood gates are open! LOL. A third male, Jamal Parris, 23, has filed a claim against Bishop Eddie Long that allege he coerced him into sexual acts and more while he was a member of New Birth. You can read more about it here!

You can read the official lawsuits from scribed for Anthony Flagg and Maurice Robinson!

I’m wondering what Sunday service will be like after all this is hitting the news. LOL
I’m sure there will be those DIE HARD Bishop Eddie Long supporters who will vilify the young men for coming out with these “Lies”. Then you will have those who have already had questions about Eddie Long, leave his church in droves!
Here is the “lovely” photo of Bishop Eddie Long and Rev. Bernice King (DYKE) who were marching against Same Sex Marriage back in 2004 on MLK, Jr Day in front of the MLK Center. SHAME!!!

Bishop Eddie Long sued for sexual misconduct..with young men! SHOCKING

I was being sarcastic with the “Shocking” part in my headline but this doesn’t surprise me one bit. I’ve heard from many within and outside the church he is a big ole “lady” and LOVES oral sex. And personally, I couldn’t understand how so many gay men and women would attend his church and he would openly bash gays from the pulpit. WTF…. It’s bad enough Bernice King (who is lesbian herself) and an Elder at the church, is joining in on this madness!

Well, if his muscled outfits weren’t enough to prove he is family, this lawsuit from two young men with it’s salacious details will prove to be the end to his “Supremacy” of the Mega Black Churches.
I’ll post more when more details come out! No Pun intended. LOL

You can read more about it here!