“Pillow Talk” with Seraph


This edition of “Pillow Talk” I had the pleasure to talk with another friend of mine from the Northwest part of the country and up and coming porn star that burst out into the scene last year with a great scene from BlackBreeders. From his initial scene, he was an instant hit with fans. But many folks know of him from his provocative photos posted on various blog sites! So his transition to doing porn was pretty much a given. His sexy looks, lean hairy inked body, juicy ass and thick long uncut dick along with his healthy sexual appetite has made him a sought after porn star! I had an opportunity to talk with Seraph recently about his upbringing in the Seattle area, his love of music and dance, his experience in the military and so much more in this in – depth interview. I hope you enjoy!!!   

1.  Many of your fans would like to know more about you. So tell us about yourself… How old are you? What was your childhood like? Etc.

My name is Nicholas (aka “Seraph”) and I’m 26 years old. I’m was born and raised in Seattle WA. I had a very happy yet somewhat sheltered childhood. I’m the middle sibling of my older brother (7 years older) and younger sister (2 years younger). So I had my privacy and independence growing up. I was very mature for my age and what folks would call “a square” lol. In school I was the quiet shy nerd in high-water pants that hardly talked and always had my big jacket and hood on trying to hide myself. My focus was school and music, starting clarinet in the 4th grade and moving up to Alto sax in 5th. I joined the marching and symphonic band from middle school to high school until my junior year I switched to concert choir where I sang baritone/bass and I also joined dance team. I was voted “most Unique” and “best Dancer” for my class. I was friends with everyone in school but I never had that group that I belonged to myself. I just went str8 to school, band/ choir events, dance practice, and played video games. Since I didn’t hang with kids outside of school my main influences were my family.

2.  Many might not know you’re from the Seattle area. Lots of us don’t think there too many of “us” in the Northwest Region of the Country LOL. What is the gay scene like in the Seattle area? Especially for Men of Color?

LOL very true we are here just hidden in spots. I never been anywhere else so I don’t have anything to compare Seattle’s gay scene to. I just know that when I came onto the gay scene at age 23 I didn’t know any of these dudes. Everything is in Downtown Seattle if you wanna find the gay “Posse’ on Broadway St. and Pike. if you like Pale white men, Seattle is perfect lol. Most of the Snow bunnies are in Seattle and if you want to find black men into black men, you gotta go south to Rainier Beach/Renton or Federal Way/ Tacoma.


3.  As we got to know each other over the last couple of years, you told me you were in the military. If you care to share, which branch were you in and how was your experience serving our country?

I was in the Marines from 2006 to 2008. It was ok.. it wasn’t for me.  I only joined because I needed to find a means to pay for college. I was expecting more organization and efficiency instead of the “be on time to sit and wait”. I got “recruited” by false means, being told that if I ever went to Iraq that i would be doing my Military occupational skill (MOS) as Warehouse Clerk/Supply, but that wasn’t the case when I got sent to do infantry/base security in Habbaniya, Iraq in 2008′ . I did have some fun times with my fellow enlisted Marines!

4.  Did you have some “Hot” times with some of your fellow military brothers? 

NOOOOO lol. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was still around and I was still hiding it myself and a virgin at the time. I was in boot camp when I learned that I had a nice size piece lol. it was awkward all of us showering together and then this dude walks up and asks “what’s it like having a big dick?” in front of everyone, like its regular conversation. Everyone starts to join in talking about it, another guy asked me to shake it LOL. Multiple dudes saying I should do porn and couldn’t believe I was a virgin. LOL. So, I ended up being known for that. Even in Iraq, the Marines saying “oh Reed’s here, we gotta go now before he makes us look bad”. Folks I haven’t met knew about my dick. So folks were talking but I kept it quiet and didn’t try anything.


5.  Many people were introduced to you from your provocative photos and videos on various Blogs, Twitter and Facebook. Have you always been such an exhibitionist?

I have always been an exhibitionist but in private around certain people. I wasn’t open about it until I got comfortable being open in public because I didn’t want any problems or attention on me or to make others around me uncomfortable. So the desire was there but wasn’t trying to make myself a pariah.

6. Did you always have a desire to do porn? If so, do you believe your blog, twitter, etc. was the launching pad for you to get your start in the porn business?

No it wasn’t something I thought of as a career. I just wanted to do it for the enjoyment of making a video and if i’m doing it for free for fun, why not get paid for it? The pictures were the start to adult modeling not full on porn. I was first adding self-photos on Flickr and a photographer named Malik Williams introduced me to ModelMayhem, which is where I met the photographers i worked with such as Andrew Adam Caldwell, a local photographer in Seattle who does the majority of my shoots and other shoots with models/porn stars such as Kory Kong and Buster Sly. Through ModelMayhem, I ended up networking with other models and eventually it crossing over to Facebook and Twitter.


7. Your introduction to porn was with BlackBreeders.com and you were partnered with legendary top “Champ Robinson”. How was your experience working with him? BlackBreeders.com?

Working with Champ Robinson was wonderful. He was my co-star in my first scene and he made things go smoothly and made me feel comfortable and  the shoot enjoyable. As far as Blackbreeders? I’m thankful for the opportunity but its not the place for me. I enjoyed meeting all the models and would enjoy working with them again elsewhere.


8. Your porn name “Seraph” is very unique. How did you come up with that name?

I got the name from a Final Fantasy 7 character whose name, Sephiroth (one winged angel), was inspired by the word Seraph which is a 6 winged angel. I just like the story behind Seraphim and what they represent in the very little info that there is on them and it was a different sounding name.

9. With you becoming more known in gay porn via your blogs and now the scene from BlackBreeders.com, I’m curious to know if any of your family knows about the video and all the photos? LOL If so, what are their thoughts?

OMG LOL… I don’t know about the videos but they know about the photos. My brother found out and joked about it but its not something that we talk about. I don’t talk about it and they haven’t asked so I can’t say how they feel exactly.

10. If given the opportunity, would you be open to work with other “Urban” (i.e. RawStrokes, Machofucker, etc.) or “mainstream” (i.e. Lucas Entertainment, Raging Stallion/Falcon, etc.) companies?

I’m open to other “Urban” companies and possibly “mainstream” if there’s a good vibe with the company, models and their videos.


11. We have talked about the upcoming launch of my company, MEN Entertainment, which will put a positive, mature and fresh face of Men of Color in porn! The purpose is to combat the lingering negative stereotypes (i.e. thug) of Men of Color perpetuated by both whites and black/latinos porn companies. What is your take on this?

I agree with you. It be great to show the diversity within gay men of color that paints a more honest picture of us. The racial vibe in both “Urban” and “mainstream” porn is apparent, which is one of the reasons i was hesitant in doing porn cuz i dont know how to act like a thug and some of the white porn is degrading.

12. From your experiences in the industry thus far, what are some things you would like to see change within the porn industry?

The same thing we need everywhere else. Better pay. Better model treatment. Ive only stuck my toe in so i cant say much from my experience and i cant just go off of one bad experience with one company.


13. Your introduction into porn is with a company that specializes in bareback/raw! Was this by choice and would be open to do safe scenes if the opportunity presented itself?

Yes I chose to do bareback and Im open to “safe scenes” as well.

14. In my prior interviews, I’ve asked about the ongoing debate whether or not people performing Bareback/Raw porn encourage viewers to perform “unsafe” sexual practices. Many critics believe it has lead to the rise in HIV infections in the gay/bi community, particularly with young Black/Latino males. What is your take on their opinions?

There’s always gonna be people who want to copy so I’m sure it has influenced a lot but I don’t think it encourages bareback as in telling folks its ok to do. its entertainment and you gotta be responsible for your own sexual practices and know  the risks.

15. We all have a type of guy that turns us on sexually. For you to give the best in a video, and in general, what type of guy(s) are you sexually attracted to?

I really like men with dark features and a quiet confidence and someone who can smile. I love hairy dudes if the hair’s right lol. I’m turned on more by attitude than just looks.


16. Which porn stars would you love the opportunity to work with in future videos?

I would love to possibly work with Jordan Stone, Woo, Marc Dupree, Ty Lattimore, Buster Sly and many more. 🙂

17. What I, along with your fans, find sexy about you is that you exhibit a natural masculinity and you’re very passionate with your sex! However, we have only seen you bottom (so far). Are you willing to be versatile or top on film?  In your private life, are you versatile or lean more towards to top or bottom?

I’d very much like to be versatile or top on film so that I’d have something besides the one homemade vid of me lol. I’m fully versatile in my private life.


18.  In your first video, you did a 1-1 scene. Would you be open to do 3some/Group sex on film? How about in your private life?

Yup!!! The interracial scenes i did with blackbreeders were a 5some and a 3some. I enjoy group activities but not with selfish people in it. My best 3ways I have had were with couples.

19. Do you prefer to fuck a guy with a smooth or hairy ass? When being fucked, do you prefer a guy’s dick to be long or thick or both?

I love hairy ass! Smooth is good too. I just like the natural hair and smell. As for dick, I like both long and thick dick…deep in my second hole lol. 🙂 To me it feels better with more girth.


20. Fetish films (i.e. Leather, Spanking, Piss, etc.) are becoming very popular. Yet you haven’t done any on film. Are you willing to do any on film?  If so, what fetishes would you want to explore on film and in your private life?

I love natural man scents. Love the smell of musty balls. Also love hairy men. I’m also into fisting and watersports!

21. I’m sure some of your fans would love to know your relationship status. Is Seraph single and looking? Or is he “Boo’d” up? LOL!

I’m currently single and not looking at the moment, let me find some friends first and then progress from there.


22. Porn careers are usually short lived. How long do you see yourself being in the adult industry? What are your plans upon retiring from the porn industry?

I have no clue.  As long as its fun and I’m enjoying whats being made, I’ll keep doing it, even if that means making my own videos!

23. During your spare time, what are some of your hobbies/interests?

I do enjoy music and dance in my free time. I sing, do martial arts choreography lol…play xbox 360 games (Gamertag: Dr R0b0tNick spelled with zeroes) and just like to kick back with friends and family and relax and smoke a few bowls.

24. What is something your fans might be shocked to know about you!

Damn I don’t know whats left to share that could shock folks. i like to eat Balut (duck egg) lol


25. If there is anything you could change about yourself, what would it be and why?

Being naive and too trusting. i like to see the good in people even though its at my own expense sometimes.

26. Just recently the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld the lower courts decision on Same Sex Marriage in California. It’s now legal in 13 states, including your home state of Washington, and DC. What are your views on Same Sex Marriage? Do you see yourself getting married in the future?

I believe its everyones right to get married and someday I hope to get married but probably with a prenup.

27. Here are Daddy Rod’s list of “Quickee” questions I ask each interviewee.

  • Name 5 of your favorite music artists/or actors – I really enjoy Sade, Michael Jackson, Pharell williams, Daft Punk, and Nobuo Uematsu
  • What’s your favorite color? – Black
  • What’s your favorite movie? Star wars episode 4-6 the originals
  • What’s your favorite song? Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us”
  • What’s your favorite curse word?  I like the word fuck in the positive context lol
  • Boxers or Briefs or No Underwear? I switch up from time to time so I’m either freeballing or wearing a thong, jock, or briefs
  • What’s your favorite lube? I stick with Wet but i haven’t tried many other lubes
  • If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why? If I had the chance to meet any Celeb, I would want to meet Andre Benjamin and make some music with him! I just enjoy his craft and style.
  • If you can be anywhere (i.e. islands, city, etc), where would it be and why? I would want to be somewhere with tropical weather like Maui. It’s always warm and I don’t have to where much clothes.

28. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans? Do you have a website, blog or Twitter where your fans can reach you?

Thank you to all those that support me and i hope to be able to put out more of my work for ya’ll. you can find me on:

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Nickscorpio,

Twitter:@seraph86 (Nicholas Reed),

tumblr: seraphnick.tumblr.com

google+: http://gplus.to/seraphreed.



An Open Letter to Black Same Gender Loving Men by David Malebranche

My heart is heavy.  My soul longs for relief.  Yesterday my dear friend, mentee and little brother, Warner McGee, transitioned after being taken off life support by his mother due to a protracted illness.  The details of exactly which illness robbed him of his future at this point is irrelevant – the painful reality we face is that yet another talented, intelligent brother has left this earth way too soon, leaving many of us scratching our heads in disbelief.  What happened?  Why him?  What more could I have done to prevent this tragedy from transpiring?  These questions hauntingly reverberate in my head like a vise, slowly squeezing it until I feel like it will explode.


Warner was young, gifted and black.  He overcame many early life adversities to graduate from Morehouse College with both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in public health.  He later went on to get his doctorate in public health from the University of North Carolina-Greensboro.  He was brilliant, hardworking and passionate about promoting the general, mental and sexual health of Black men.  He was a good friend and a bright spirit.  He was a little brother to me. And his story, sadly, is not unfamiliar to us.  In recent times, the story of a talented Black same gender loving man being “suddenly” struck down in their prime has become somewhat of a yearly ritual.  Word travels through telephone, email and social media.  Everyone is shocked, saddened and surprised.  And over time, as the details around the death of our brother unravel, we discover that his passing was not so “sudden” after all.  There was an underlying medical, mental, spiritual and/or psychological issue at the root of his journey.  And for some reason, until it was too late, no one knew about it but him.


For many of us navigating through this world as Black same gender loving men, it is not easy.  We have to worry about the inherent racism in general society that pegs us as ubiquitous threats and outsiders, regardless of what we wear or what level of education we have attained.  Simultaneously, we are seen as the purveyors of moral depravity in the larger Black community despite our historic and present contributions to our collective advancement.  We are seen as the hedonistic pedophiles who do nothing but dream of imaginative ways to corrupt youth; the outcasts who have turned our backs on anything spiritual simply because we respect and acknowledge our natural romantic desires; and of course, we are pegged as the main reason why Black women get HIV at higher rates than women of other races and ethnicities.  With all this placed on top of our backs every day in addition to our routine daily struggles, we foolishly spend the majority of our time trying to prove ourselves to our non-Black and/or heterosexual contemporaries.  We want them to view us as trustworthy so passionately that we overcompensate with extraordinary creative and work achievements, acquire prestigious work titles and accumulate as many letters behind our names that a business card can possibly handle.


But in the process of responding to this intersectional oppression from being both Black and same gender loving in a society that does not care to feature either social identity, we lose something. We lose ourselves.  We stop caring about our needs and instead choose to prioritize the safety and health of others.  Over the past decade I have personally witnessed and heard of numerous Black same gender loving men who serve as healers and saviors in our community yet suffer in silence with their own health issues until succumbing to an untimely death.  It is unnecessary and I don’t think I can receive another phone call, email, or post on Facebook announcing the death of another Black same gender loving man.  I can’t go to another funeral and hear another eulogy that coats over the rich multifaceted nature of our lives to simply relegate them to “He was a good Christian and loved Jesus.”  I just can’t.


And I am not just referring to HIV, though I’m sure that is the health issue to cross most peoples’ minds when they think of Black same gender loving men.  Contrary to popular belief, we also have to deal with mental health issues, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and the myriad other maladies that afflict Black men.  For some reason, those of us who are the healers in our families, relationships and communities, when afflicted with an illness ourselves, choose to not follow the advice we give so many on a daily basis.  We deny the condition exists, fight tooth and nail to avoid medical care and refuse to embrace any homeopathic or medicinal remedies that can facilitate a healthy life.  Instead, put quite simply and bluntly, we choose death.


I am not saying that if we are dealing with a specific medical issue, we have to become the spokesperson for that topic.  This is not everyone’s calling.  In the midst of saving the world and trying to prove our worth to societies that may never fully embrace us, however, we must at least acknowledge our mortality.  We cannot always be the Supermen we think we are or so desperately want others to believe.  So if you find out you are HIV-positive, you certainly do not have to scream from the rooftops your revelation or become the poster child for HIV treatment or advocacy.  But tell some close friends and family that you trust, be conscientious about following up with medical providers, and take care of your body with whatever therapeutic options are available.  The same principle applies if we get diagnosed with high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, depression, or any other medical condition.  It is no different. When people know exactly what you are dealing with day to day, things that happen will not be such a “surprise,” but something that makes sense and may facilitate quicker action to remedy the situation.


So why choose a slow protracted death?  Can we blame White Supremacy and society’s relentless attack on black male bodies and psyches?  Do we point the finger at the pervasive sexual prejudice against anyone not engaging in a “heteronormative lifestyle”?  Is it our churches’ fault for trying to brainwash us from a young age that we are damaged goods, or should our biological families assume more responsibility for more easily accepting a heterosexual sibling’s chosen drug problem over our natural romantic inclinations?  Is the CDC at fault for ignoring us for years until they couldn’t sweep the statistics under the rug any longer?  Or is it our own fault for not taking the time to check on each other when we know that something is wrong?  The truth, undoubtedly, is that the intersection of all these factors may contribute to this choice.


Part of the reason why we allow this benign neglect to consume us to the grave, however, is that after years of hearing what we aren’t worth from various sources in our lives, we actually start believing that our lives are expendable – despite ample evidence to the contrary.  We are the ones who serve as the rocks of the family.  We are the loving dependable uncles to our precious nieces and nephews.  We are the sons who pay attention and devote the most time to our aging parents, while our heterosexual siblings complain about being too “busy” with their marriage and kids – as if our lives are devoid of any commitments, responsibilities or obligations outside of ourselves.  We are the educators, the lawyers, the public servants, the health care employees, the customer service personnel, the ministers and ministers of music who selflessly devote our lives to our communities every day, while all the while listening to the whispers of disapproval of our born sexuality penetrate the tender flesh of our backs like so many steely knives.  After a while, despite these facts, we still believe we are unworthy of love and life.


The solution to this dynamic is clear – we need to be there for each other and stop waiting for a church, the CDC, our local congressperson, or President Obama himself to save us.  It is often said that as Black same gender loving men, we get to choose our non-biological families, especially when we encounter challenges with our biological families.  If that is the case, we must realize that as with any family, things will not always be perfect.  We cherish the moments where we can travel together, go clubbing, or to house parties together, and provide unwavering support to each other through school, work, and relationship difficulties. And there may be times when we may betray each other, say mean spirited things we don’t really mean, and even get on each other’s nerves and have knockdown, drag out arguments for the ages.  But this is the case with every family, biologic and non-biologic.  So since we have chosen each other, we must honor ourselves and our chosen family through thick and thin, through good times and bad times, through sickness and health.  And yes, ‘til death do us part.


So wherever you are, whatever you are doing in the course of your busy day that may involve interacting with another Black same gender loving man, look into his eyes and gaze into his soul.  See yourself in him. Whether he is a friend, lover or family member – look through the perfectly faded hair, the letters behind his name, the designer clothes, the impeccable payment record of his rent or mortgage or whatever kind of car from which he emerges to greet you.  Look past any troubles he has paying bills, quirks in personality or annoying habits.  Look through him and simply take a moment to ask him if he is ok.  And if he gives you a dismissive answer like “I’m fine,” ask him again, and with the side-eye you usually reserve for giving shade, let him you know are serious.  Then stand back and be prepared for a more elaborate and real answer than you could have ever anticipated.  And when you are finished listening to him, wrap him in your arms and tell him that you love him.  It may be the last time you get the opportunity to do so, and it may be one of the few times he will hear those three words and know that it is coming from someone who truly understands him.  And maybe, just maybe, he will come to realize that he has another choice.

WWE wrestler superstar Darren Young comes out as Gay!!!


I haven’t watched WWE in quite some years but to hear this is some big news in the sports/entertainment world.

Black Wrester, Darren Young, came out as gay while being interviewed by TMZ at Los Angeles airport. Him coming out was actually refreshing. He wasn’t boastful but more genuine and very matter-of-fact about it. You can check out the video here!

The WWE also pledged their support to him as well. You can view their press release here!


I wonder if this will open the flood gates of more Men of Color in the Professional Sports/Entertainment to come out as well. I truly hope so!



Mad Love to Darren!!