Vote for Raw Leather Daddy on Blatino Awards

Hello everyone.

I’ve been asked by a reader who loves my blog to have you all my readers/admirers to vote for my blog as best blog with the Blatino Awards.
There are two categories – one is best porn blog and one is best non porn blog. I’m thinking you vote for me in Non Porn since my site isn’t all porn. LOL. But hell you can put me in both categories if you like. LOL
The deadline for nominations is July 10th.
You can vote my blog by clicking here! Spread the word! I hope you all vote for me!!

New York passes "Marriage Equality Act"

New York becomes the 6th state in the union to allow same sex marriage. I expect California will be next by the end of the year and Maryland in 2012.

I used to live in NYC from 1999 – 2001 and I truly regret that I left it. I truly felt at home during my time there. Atlanta, and the South, in general has truly been a disappointment. I truly believe the whole region has regressed. And this decision gives me even more reason to move back to where discrimination is not legalized!


ONYX Southeast along with Forbidden Funk is proud to announce ONYX’s annual leather weekend – “BLACKOUT”. It’ll be in Augusta, GA at the famous Parliament House from Oct. 7 thru Oct. 9, 2011.

More detailed information will be coming soon but you can get some idea what to expect by check out our national website ONYX or Black Leather Pride!

Happy Father’s Day

To all the Fathers who read my blog, I hope this day is filled with love and happiness!
And to my father, who I know isn’t reading this blog. LOL, I love you very much. Thanks for loving me for Me and teaching me how to be a responsible loving man! Love you Poppo!
P.S. I would post a picture of us together but I think he would be a lil’ bit upset with how “intense” my blog can be at times. LOL