Tips on how to take 2 dicks at once!!!

Courtesy of Treasure Island Media

The Double Fuck || Tips & Tricks for Success

Some basic rules for a bottom before attempting to be double penetrated.
  1. Stretching: This is key to getting all pleasure and little to no pain when shoving two cocks in your hole. An avid bottom knows this, but for the rest of you, you should practice with a dildo or butt plug and work your way up to a size that can accommodate the two cocks you desire. After all, practice makes perfect and it will be enjoyable.
  2. Choose Your Cocks: For the first DP experience it is recommended that you choose the cocks that will penetrate you. Best case scenario would be guys that you have had a threesome (+) with or have fucked individually. This way you can judge the diameter of cock you will be taking.
  3. Lube: Duh.  Unless you are extra sloppy and obviously take multiple cocks already.
  4. Be Patient: It’s just like taking a big cock for the first time; you must be patient and take it slow to prevent pain from overstretching too quickly. You don’t want to be that asshole that calls it quits right when we were getting to the good part. (Pun intended).
Some double penetration positions.
  1. The Double Doggie: The easiest position for a new DP bottom.
    1. One of the tops lay’s on his back.
    2. The bottom, on his knees, lowers his ass onto the cock.
    3. The third guy now slides his cock into your hole from behind.
  2. The Double Candle: Most difficult to achieve.
    1. The tops scissor each other so AT LEAST their balls are touching.
    2. The bottom then gathers the two cocks and squats over them lowering their hole down the cocks until they are comfortable to move up and down.
  3. The Double Sleeper: Similar to Double Doggie, but allows for deeper penetration.
    1. One top lay’s on his back.
    2. Bottom sits on his cock facing away from him and lay’s back on his chest, legs spread.
    3. Second top slides his cock in.
Other tips.
  1. Make sure you can take the first cock entirely with NO discomfort.
  2. Position yourself so that the first cock is balls deep inside of you to prevent it from sliding out once the second cock is inside.
  3. Make sure the second cock goes in slowly to allow you to adjust and get comfortable.