The PAUSE Campaign is social marketing campaign developed by Eight Peace Productions in collaboration with AID Atlanta’s Evolution Project. “PAUSE” is a short film that tells four intertwining tales that connect a group of gay men through their decisions. The film is intentionally vague and open ended. We hope that viewers see themselves, their lovers, & friends in this short film. PAUSE isn’t about safe sex, it’s not about transmission, nor is it about alarming statistics. PAUSE is us. It’s a glimpse into our passion, desire, connections, sex and decisions. We want nothing more than for viewers to ponder the possibilities as they view this short film. Why? Because, the impact of our decisions, sexual or otherwise, goes far beyond infection rates. Our decisions have a tremendous impact on how we see ourselves and how we impact the men in our lives. The film is meant to remind us that everything is a choice and one of the best choices one can make is taking a moment to think. Give yourself a PAUSE. Allow yourself to contemplate before making any decision.

Enjoy this short film!!!

William Ratliff aka Elmo Jackson gets 8 years

You may have saw my previous post about porn star Elmo Jackson. He was arrested in Atlanta for check fraud and other charges. He was also wanted in Tennessee and Mississippi. Well he has been convicted and will spend the next 8 years in Mississippi state prison.

What a shame. He was a cute porn star with a juicy ass and, I thought, a great porn career ahead of him. But for some reason, he had to resort to doing check fraud, etc.
Well I’ve never been in jail/prison but I have heard many stories from guys who have and I hear the prisons in the south are notorious for rapes, etc. Boy they going to love his pussy!
You can see the full rap sheet here!

Urban Prep Charter Academy

Not too often do you hear about young black men succeeding in academia. You mainly here either their excellence in athletics and/or in the criminal justice system. Well, the first graduating class of the all male, all african-american school in Chicago has something to be proud of and makes a statement as well. All of the graduating class has been accepted into a 4 year college. Now how about that. 🙂 LOL This is also a testament that with hard work, mentoring and overall vision from both parents, teachers and the students that anything is possible.

Now I hope Oprah picks up on this story and gives these students some $$$ for college. Hell if she can go to South Africa for the girls, take care of the boys here in your city!

Read more about Urban Prep Academy and the students right here!

Motivation Spotlight – Stephen Stafford

Now this is a story we don’t hear or read often enough. In a day where most news stories of our African and Latino American youth involve crime, lawlessness, athletics and/or music, we have a whiz kid who is bucking that trend. Meet Stephen Stafford: a 13 years old young man who is a triple major in pre-med, math and computer science at Morehouse College. This is truly amazing when you got some men twice his age who don’t even have a high school diploma!
He loves playing video games and his drum sets but finds education just as exciting. Home schooled by his mother, the mother realized when he was 11 that he needed to be in college when he started teaching her more things that she could teach her.
Now this is a young man we need to embrace and uplift and use as an example to other young men and women that there is nothing wrong with athletics, music, etc but education is truly the ticket. And most importantly, that getting an education isn’t indicative of “Losing your blackness”. I’m sure we have had heard that at some point during our educational career. I know I have!
He should be getting just the same, if not more, respect and honor than athletes and entertainers.
So if you know any “Stephen Staffords”, male or female, take time to acknowledge them, uplift them and encourage other youth to follow his example!
Go Stephen!

What The Fuck…The Death of Derrion Albert

My heart is heavy after watching the news on the tragic death of Derrion Albert who was killed leaving school last week. 4 young black men killed another Derrion, a honor roll student, who was at the wrong place and the wrong time. A young lady caught it on her cell phone video camera and sent it to police.

This is sad on many fronts. One, is how so many young black men have no love for themselves and each other. And without that, they have regard for life any more. Two, how so many people watched and didn’t intervene to stop it. Three, how with so many black boys getting in gangs and the like, how the black church and family has utterly failed at raising our children.

We, as an African-American community, don’t have to worry about whites and others doing harm to us when we do it readily to ourselves.

Motivation Spotlight – Tony Hansberry II

Here is great story I read from another blog which has not once been mentioned in mainstream media. Tony Hansberry II is a 14 year old ninth-grader who has discovered a new technique for applying stitches to patients.

With the media usually portrays most black/latino youth as criminals, athletes, etc., its good to see a story of a young man of color who values education and at the same time trying to improve life for others. Tony says “I just want to help people and be respected, knowing that I can save lives.”

Hey…he is definitely someone I would like to have as my doctor!

You can read more on him here and here!