Pillow Talk with Raw Daddy: Ian Rock

Hello everyone. I’ve been asked by some of my followers if I can score an interview with Ian Rock! And low and behold I have. This month’s edition of “Pillow Talk with Raw Daddy” features the one and only – Ian Rock. I can say he has a lot to say and it was good getting to know the man and not just the “porn star”!

Note: I apologize to Ian Rock for the question about the raw/bareback scene. I could have swore he did one with Forbidden Funk Media but I was wrong. My apologies! 🙂

Now on to the interview! 🙂

1. Tell us about yourself (age, where you from, etc.)

I am 44 years young; although a lot of folk seem to see that as “old”. As stated in MY blog(to those “folk”): Hope and pray you live long enough.
I am Chicago, “Chitown” born; raised in a variety of locales(as my father was a Mechanical Draftsman); I am an avid fitness buff, personal trainer, masseur and pseudo businessman. I enjoy other than fitness, reading(both fiction and non fiction); movies; documentaries and warm, hot weather and locations. I am naturally aggressive, dominant and have “zero filter”; i.e. I pretty much say exactly what I think and how I think it. I was born on June 22, the Summer Equinox(longest day of the year) and am therefore Gemini and Cancer. I am loyal to a fault and detest liars and thieves without exception. I am “atypical” and very proud of that; I am not “gay”, “homosexual”, “bisexual” or an variation thereof; I am simply me and therefore I am “complicated/controversial” sexually and otherwise. I could go on and on but further “knowing” of me comes with conversation, interaction and exchange.

2. How did you get into the adult industry?

Well, long story short, it was through Marc Williams(I know him by his “government name”..lol, but I’ll keep that on the low). He had asked me to be on his site but do to the fact that he is/was NOT willing to bottom for me, I ended up on another site that the webmasters of his site, also controlled and owned. That was my first scene with “another” but I had also done some solo work for Big Cock Society, StallionMen and Black Dick Society; each of those solo gigs came from my submission of my pictures for a Big Dick Contest of which I won! LOL.

3. How long have you been in the adult industry?

I guess I’d have to say I’ve been in the adult industry, depending upon what you include in the “adult industry” since around the year 2000 as I first started out as a male exotic dancer; my first experience in film came around in 2007 so at least since then.

Was being in porn a “dream” job of yours or something that just kind of happened?

Being in porn was never a dream of mine but it had def crossed my mind once or twice. I am a natural exhibitionist and somewhat of a sexual freak so I guess it was bound to happen. When Marc Williams made his offer, it was at a time when I had just met someone, Aarin Driver, who was the first person I could talk to about my “freakiness” and desires without getting the “side eye” and it was a time when I really felt comfortable with myself and my sexuality.

5. What was your first day on the set of porn movie like? What company was it?

My first day on the “set” was nervous, fun and freaky all at once. It was with BlackMen.Net and my first scene was with my close friend and “LilDaddy” Aarin Driver so it was also very comfortable and familiar. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the end result of our day made me happy ,so I am to this day very proud of and the “fans” seem to also see it as a good day. I am thankful that my first experience, as far as the actual filming, the selection of partner, etc., was to my advantage and was just something I did each and every day; sometimes 3 or 4 times a day(#RealTalk) but this time? Filming, and not just my webcam on “auto” was occurring.

Does your family know you are in the adult film business? If so, what are their thoughts?

My immediate family as far as I know, do NOT know about my adult film career. Let me just say they are all SOUTHERN BAPTISTS…lol..Need I say more? Also, although I am very close to my family, every subject is not in my opinion, to be discussed with every family member; it is neither appropriate or necessary as I am much more than my sexuality and/or the few films/clips I’ve done. Would they be supportive/happy? No, quite frankly, I don’t think they would but it is not something I “loose sleep over” or are in angst about.

As you know, I am launching my own production company, MEN Entertainment, which will put a positive, mature and fresh face of Men of Color in porn! Today, much of the porn featuring black and latino models are mainly based on negative stereotypes perpetuated by both whites and black/latinos. What is your take on this?

I am anxious to see what you bring to the table. I am anxious to help you in anyway I can to overcome many of the stereotypes perpetuated by other companies and by those “not of color” who “think” they know what men of color can bring. There is nothing wrong with “thug”; again, Chitown here so I know real “thug” when I see it; but it seems that the porn industry has embraced that as the only way of showing men of color in a masculine way. We are and can be masculine in more ways than the traditional “Mandingo” persona that has been thrust upon us. We come in different shades, with different hairstyles, different backgrounds and different methods and techniques when it comes to our sexuality. We are AS FREAKY if not moreso that many of our “lighter” counterparts and should not be kept in one “mode” or one setting that again, is perpetuated a little too much for my taste. I salute you and again, as we’ve discussed and will discuss, am willing to help you in whatever way I can to help make your vision a reality and as well expand and learn and we both grow. Work it out Big Pa!!

8. What changes would you like to see in the porn industry?

I’d like to see a realistic view of what goes on in the real world. Multi ethnic men, being freaky, being animalistic…having and indulging in the all the various acts and nuances we call sex. Not an all white cast nor an all Latino cast; nor an all African American cast…u get me? Just MEN, doing what we do. I’d like to see our so-called ethnic companies paying models what their worth and loosing the excuses of “we don’t have as much money as the white companies” or “we’re just starting out” or any of the other b.s. that seems to almost be a script. I could go on and on about this question, but I think just making a few minute changes, things maybe that don’t seem important, would end up making such a huge difference in the finished product.

9. Lots of porn stars I’ve talked with mention to me the barrage of negative comments they’ve received for being a “porn star”. How have you dealt with this criticism?

Funny you ask this question because as I write, I’m dealing with typical negativity on Twitter of all places. I get all kinds of negativity from being called “old” to “ugly” to u name it, I’ve heard it. I’ve noticed the “hate” always comes from those who should only “star” in front of their mirrors! LOL. Listen, people will always have and are entitled to their opinion. If you don’t like me, if don’t like what I do? Don’t watch, don’t buy; very simple very easy. I actually don’t respond or give energy to negative criticism. Now, when someone is out and out lying or speaking of me in terms of which they have no right? I react. As I’ve mentioned in my blog and I’ve mentioned several times to several people in several instances: Man first, everything else second; I can and will show u better than I can tell you…nuff said.

You’ve mainly worked with smaller “boutique” studios (i.e. Dawgpound/PapiThugz, Forbidden Funk, etc.). How was it working for them?

Well yes and no. I don’t really consider certain studios/production companies “boutique” but I get the gist of your question. I have nothing hugely negative to say about any of the studios, big or small I’ve worked with. At each I’ve encountered assholes and I’ve encountered some great people. I became great friends with Aron Ridge(hey Big Bro!) working for Forbidden Funk which led to working with Chi Chi Larue and Channel 1 Releasing that same year; i.e. one of the bigger, mainstream studios. Both films, Grind Vol. 1(Forbidden Funk) and BB6: Under The Hood were nominated for multiple GaVN’s(the “Golden Globes” of gay porn and GRABBYS(the “Oscars” of gay porn) and both films won multiple awards and were even nominated in some of the same categories. As well my first effort and these two (2) porn blockbusters garnered me Blatino Oasis Award for America’s Top Top 2009 and a GRABBY nomination(ONLY man of color) for “Hottest Cock”. When approaching a project, I don’t look at the “size” or the notoriety, I look at the project itself; what’s new, what’s different; is there a chance to really make an impact; a chance to not be “just another skin flick”. I must say I heard a lot of criticism about my work with Chi Chi Larue; no slight to any other studio or should I say “no shade”, but the BEST experience by far. Contrary to what some think, it had nothing to do with the $$’s behind the production but it had to do with the way I and each cast member was treated; how everything was scheduled and on time from make up to costuming to the filming itself. Porn studios need to understand that the way models are treated, the professionalism that is displayed, etc., can and usually does “make” the experience. Although these companies are indeed providing a medium and presenting one helluva opportunity, the model is also bringing something to the table and should be treated with the respect, dignity and professionalism that should be standard. There is NO excuse for some of things I’ve experienced; paying me for one (1) scene and when the movie comes out, there are three (3) scenes; getting me to agree to a rate far below what I’m worth, with the promise of “we will revisit this issue” and never revisiting; being asked to catch a train to a shoot or hotel so producers/directors don’t have to deal with traffic or pay for gas; and they have a rental car, etc., for the unprofessional way I’ve been treated; the tardiness and general rudeness I’ve experienced but again, with each and every company I’ve worked for, I’ve enjoyed myself and been generally very pleased with the result. I have no regrets and respect each and every studio. I’ve learned a lot! My experience with each has enabled me to make smarter decisions, know what I’m talking about and increased my knowledge in ways I could never explain. I am open to any studio as long as I feel respected, paid well and truly valued for what I bring to the production. False modesty is just that “false” and one of the few things that I KNOW I am good at is sex; more specifically? Being the Total Top that I am and that I truly enjoy being have enjoyed being whether the camera is rolling or not.

Have the major studios (i.e. Raging Stallion, Lucas Entertainment, etc.) approached you to work with them? If not, if they were to extend an offer, would you work with them?

As stated, I did work for Channel 1 Releasing and I have been offered work by other more “mainstream” porn studios. Unfortunately, a lot of them wanted me to change something about me; whether it was physical or my demeanor and those studios were dismissed without hesitation. As most remember, there was a time I had dreads. One of the studios you referenced wanted me to work for them but wanted me to cut my dreads! They hadn’t offered any kind of contract or even one film but I was told, “this is the look all our Black actors have”; why would you want the same basic look in your models; why? Another major studio was upset that I would not “do more”. As stated and as anyone who knows me knows: I am a Total Top; that’s orally, anally or otherwise. I make no apologies, I give no excuses; this doesn’t make me any better or any less than any other model but it is what and who I am. Many times I’ve heard people remark, “I got bored being a top”; Really? Sorry..never will I ever get “bored”. I approach being a total top with pride, with earnest and with a zest and zeal that come across the way it does on film because it’s real and REAL, is all I can ever or will ever want to be. Sure, I’d consider working for the major studios. Those studios must however either recognize my “uniqueness”, my preferences and respect them and not try to “change” me or discourage me from being me because plain and simple, it will never happen. I am what and who I am…period.

It’s quite evident that many of the major studios don’t actively recruit Men of Color for their films unless its to repeat the same cliché’ type of porn (Thug, Gangbang, etc.). It pretty much perpetuates many stereotypes. What are your thoughts on this?

I agree 100%! As I think I remarked earlier, men of color come “thug”, non-thug and everything in between. The sooner studios recognize and embrace this fact, the sooner a lot of the negativity will be squashed! I mentioned Aron Ridge earlier, my Big Bro…he is NOT a thug; however he is sexy and one of the most masculine men of color I have met. We are a diverse group; do NOT try to put us in a box; it is a shame and something that thru my small career I have tried and will continue to try to “break”. As far as the “gangbangs”; hey, there is a market for that. BB6 was that type of movie; I enjoyed it; I’d do it again. I will compromise, hell, I have compromised but I will not “change” or become someone or something I am not to simply get more work or please the supposed “powers that be”. I’ve proven that with each clip/film I’ve done. I come ready, on time, hard, and fully ready to not waste their or my time. This I’ve proven and regardless to anything that may have been said, each one of these studios will attest to the aforementioned facts about me; say it with me: FACTS.

Condom-less sex is making a huge comeback in porn. You have done some bareback/raw scenes. There is a big debate whether or not people seeing Bareback/Raw porn will promote “unsafe” sexual practices, hence the rise in HIV infections particularly in the Black/Latino community. What is your take on the raw/bareback comeback in porn?

First, let me clear something up: I have NOT done any raw/bareback scenes. At all, period. Now that being said, I have no “hate” for raw companies or performers. My motto is as long as you are not hurting me or someone I care about? Do u! To be quite honest, I find that the raw films are the best films; i.e. more raunchy, animalistic, etc; exactly what I think porn should be. When I’m watching porn I’m not interested in a “love story” or 10 minutes of scenery(not matter how beautiful that scenery is); I’m interested in being turned on, in being excited, in some nasty cum swallowing, booty banging real men gettin hot and bothered. I think raw sex has been around and will be around regardless to whether it is shown on film or no. Do I think that it promotes “unsafe” behaviour? No. No more than some one who commits a violent act or decides to act in a certain way can blame a movie, a recording, a commercial or any other medium for their judgement call or lack thereof, blaming the raw industry for promoting any kind of negativity is unfair and a “cop-out”. Although I’ve not starred in any raw porn, it is my “porn of choice” to view for all the reasons I mentioned and more. The market has and will always dictate to the studios/producers/directors what it is people want to see and will pay money for and the bottom line is, porn is a business and needs to make money! There it is…no more will I or can I say on the subject.

Name some porn stars whom you have really enjoyed working with

Wow..easy; well first and foremost: Aarin Driver; then in no particular order: Aron Ridge, Scott Alexander, Markus Ram,Eddie Diaz, Dylan Saunders, Mario Ortiz, Kamrun; really? I’ve found a way to enjoy each and every one of them but I guess the aforementioned are my favorites.

15. What porn stars would you like to work with that you haven’t so far?

Francois Sagat, Brent Everett, Micheal Brandon, Race Cooper, Ace Rockwood, Carlos Morales, Nandito Torreblanca, Antonio Biaggi, Carlito…to name just a few; diverse, different races..all sexy, all men!

In all of your films you are a top. When not on film, are you a strict top or versatile?

On film, not on film, indifferent I am a strict/total top. I love being a top; I’ll never be “bored” with it; I feel it is one of my “callings” and I’m damn good at it! Jus Sayin.. Don’t get me wrong, if u got a nice phat, pretty wee wee? I’ll notice it(makes sexy undies look better); I may even jack it, I ain’t “paranoid” but b 3 inches and have everything else I like? U all good with me!! Your wee wee is the least important thing you have physically to me. Real Talk.

17. You have mainly done both 1-1 scenes and 3somes. Which do you prefer more? If your private life, do you prefer 1-1? 3somes/Groups?

Well it depends: I like “scenes” with chemistry, with passion and with men; men who know there is more to sex than just penetration; men who have a diverse set of skills and know how to use them. In general, one-on-one scenes give u that ability to make a tighter/closer connection; especially with someone that you’ve just met, but I’ve also had the opportunity, especially in my “real” life to have some very hot group action where that chemistry and energy just “was”. So, I have no preference; hot sex is hot sex; no matter the number of folks involved or not involved.

What’s your favorite position to fuck?

Doggie Style; or? Especially if my partner has the ass & thighs “of life”, him laying flat displaying all that for me to enter. Each position allows limited “running” from the bottom and in general gives me a straight shot into the depths which is where I’m going; deep, penetrative.

Would you star in a Bi or Str8 porn movie? If so, any str8 stars in particular you would work with?

I probably would never star in a “straight” movie for two (2) main reasons:
1. They do NOT pay you even close to enough.
2. I am very, very critical when it comes to females; they MUST be “hittin on all points” to even excite me and most, NOT ALL(so I don’t want no “hate” mail and flack) but most of the females I see in straight porn? EWWW!

Fetish films are becoming very popular. Have you done any on film? If not, are you willing to do any on film? What fetishes?

Would love to do some fetish work. It is an area that men of color are not featured in often but it is something a lot of men of color, including myself love. I was offered a film where the fetish would be “oral”; basically I was to fuck two (2) to three (3) guys throats unmercifully to completion(I’m getting hard right now writing this cause as anybody who knows me knows, that is my absolute shit!! But I digress..) but that film never came to pass as it was offered by one of the “assholes” I spoke of in an earlier question and just never happened. Again, I’d love to do some fetish work: dominance, leather, oral, flogging, WS, underwear,..just to name a few; I’m pretty much open to anything with the exceptions of being on the “submissive” end, scat or blood.

21. What turns you on about a man – both sexually or non sexually!

Wow…what turns me on? First and foremost: masculinity; not “acting straight” or being “unclockable”; just plain old masculinity, swagger. Physically? Body; ripped, muscular, non-beefy; small, tight waist; thick, vascular thighs; nice muscular, somewhat “hard”, round bubble ass(no “girl asses or hips”; u know what I mean); nice eyes(don’t really care about color, unless it’s natural; no “OPE”: Other People’s Eyes) but they need to be clear, with long eyelashes; handsome face; general pride in your appearance. Mentally? Sense of humor, REAL intelligence(common & book sense); sensitivity; loyalty; leader, not a follower, etc.

Are you single? In a relationship? If you are in a relationship, how has it affected your relationship being in the adult industry?

I am NOT in a relationship in the sense of the word that most take it. I have my “regulars” my “priorities” who see me the same: namely? My “LilDaddy” A. Driver and my “LilPa” Nandito; no rules, no games, no subtrifuge; able to do things together, seperately…no “ducking and diving”..feel me? The only “commitment”? Honesty.

How and when did you lose your virginity?

Lost my virginity on my 10th birthday to a 17 year old, female neighbor..we were fucking, Ma came in to “surprise” me for my birthday(took off early from work)…lol..interesting, to say the least.

24. What hobbies do you enjoy? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well, working out..duh! Reading, writing poetry, current events/news, documentaries, hanging with REAL friends; just a few of the many things I enjoy.

25. What is something your fans might be shocked to know about you!

I think they’d be shocked to know I was once a little overweight and true story? My nickname was “Pudgey”. LOL.

You haven’t done any films in awhile. Any particular reason for your absence?

Love this question! Main reason? Because folks don’t want to pay what I’m worth! Yup, I said it. I “bring” to the table; more than just dick, more than just body..the whole package; I will be compensated for that or I will NOT be filmed. Also, I had, as my blog has explained: http://www.iiaann3000.blogspot: “I Almost Died”; a serious injury that put me on the sidelines for a minute. I’m healed(racing stripe of new skin but it’s kinda cute..lol) and I’m ready but my standards, beliefs and what I will and will NOT accept has NOT changed.

Do you have a website or blog where your fans can reach you?

I certainly do: http://www.iiaann3000.blogspot.com <http://www.iiaann3000.blogspot.com> ; I’ve heard it’s a fairly “good read”…lol. And you can “FOLLOW” my blog using your email, Google, Facebook or Twitter account info for free. Just click the “follow” option at the top of the blog or in the right hand column and click the prompts…very simple, very easy. As well, on that blog, at the end are links to other sites on which I’m featured AND my business website:
http://www.phdunlimited.intuitwebsites.com <http://www.phdunlimited.intuitwebsites.com>
For those who may not know, I am a personal trainer and masseur here in The Big Apple and welcome your inquiries and your business so please check out both sites and the sites I’ve mentioned and “follow”/”join” whatever the case may be.

28. Here are Raw Daddy’s list of questions I ask each interviewee.

5 Favorite Music Artists:
Damita Jo(Janet Jackson)
Jill Scott
Luther Vandross

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Curse Word: Fuck

Biggest Fear: Conservative Fanatics a.k.a. Racists and/or the current crop of Republican Candidates

Favorite Underwear:
Sexy ones! Briefs/BoxersBikinis/Jocks/etc; no “old man”, unsupportive boxers; and gots to wear undies; um, it’s a lil uncomfortable to say the least, with my “size” to go “commando”; flop around a lil too much! Jus me…jus sayin..

NYC or LA:
NYC…hands down!
(and don’t play, u needs to put Chi, IL in there(it is one of the big 3 and home!..smile; and in my humble opinion? Closest city to NYC in this nation; only ONE NYC fosho but Chi ain’t no joke!)

Favorite lube:
Gun Oil; Eros

Wendy’s or Mickey D’s:
Wendy’s easily

Smooth or Hairy Ass(or body):
Prefer smooth

· If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Janet Jackson; simply because she IS. Nuff said.
(kinda met her; was on stage with her for two of her tours; audience participation sequence…YES!!)

·If you can be anywhere (i.e. islands, city, etc), where would it be and why?

Ideally? San Juan; because it’s hot, its ethnic, it’s cultural, its just a really nice place to me.

29. Thanks so much for your time. I wish you all the best in whatever you do. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

I want to say from the bottom of my heart: Thank You!! I take NONE of you for granted. You given me love, support and shown me respect that I was not expecting. You’ve kept me relevant even in those times I have given u product and you continue to show me what dedication and hard work can and will do. I am NOT a “porn star”; I personally think there are very few of those; I am and have been a “porn performer” who has enjoyed and enjoys some success and notoriety from the things I’ve done. I hope to progress(start my own shit); keep writing on my blog and otherwise and keep everyone interested and with the realization that I am more than just my dick, my sexuality…but I actually have a brain cell or two…LOL.

#Wuv u all babies!! Hope u enjoyed the interview. Stay tuned, “old” or not? I ain’t dun yet!! Muah!