Bayard Rustin to be Awarded Presidential Medal of Freedom


President Barack Obama has posthumously named Bayard Rustin as one of sixteen recipients (along with Oprah, Sally Ride, and others) of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, “the Nation’s highest civilian honor, presented to individuals who have made especially meritorious contributions to the security or national interests of the United States.”

For those who don’t know Bayard Rustin, he is probably THE person who organized the historic March on Washington back in 1963. He was the right hand man of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. during the civil rights movement. And as the country celebrates the 50th anniversary of this great event, it’s great to see President Obama acknowledge this man efforts!


You can read more about Bayard and get the acclaimed documentary on his life on this website –


Friend of Essex – Atlanta Premiere

For those in the Atlanta area, a new documentary based on the works of the late Essex Hemphill will premiere at Morehouse College on Jan. 31st. It’s called “Friend of Essex” and its directed by Amir Dixon.

The event is free and you car reserve tickets by clicking here!

For more information about the documentary, please click here!

You can view the trailer below:

"I Am A Man"

This powerful film addresses the “genesis” of Black male sexual, social, religious and historical experience in America and on the Continent. The voices of noted African American men and women contribute to this narrative about a rarely told story.

Movie of the Month – Black Is…Black Aint

“Black Is, Black Ain’t” is the last film by the late Marlon Riggs. He is famous for his wildly popular, yet controversial, documentary – “Tongues Untied“. This film chronicles the inner battle with African Americans and their identity in this world. It has some of African American’s leading thinkers, such as Angela Davis, Dr. Cornel West and more lending their thoughts on African Americans and their struggle for self love, etc!

Check out this review here about “Black Is, Black Ain’t” and you can purchase here!

"This Is It" Movie Review

I just got back from seeing a midnight release of Michael Jackson’s movie “This Is It”. I must say, as a die hard Jackson Family fan (especially Michael and Janet), that this is a must see for any MJ fan or any music lover who can appreciate the artistry of Michael Jackson.

The movie is shown in documentary format as they rehearse for the London concerts. The songs are played in order of how the concert would have been! You get to see real moments of Michael kindly telling the musicians, dancers and tech people this is how its done. PERIOD. I love how he says “It’s all in love”. That meant get your shit together. LOL
The movie is running for only 2 weeks. I’m going to see it again on Thursday as I take my sister for her birthday gift.
I’ll definitely will buy the DVD when its released because I’m sure they will have more footage that wasn’t shown in the movie.
Damn…I’m gonna start crying again. I can’t believe he is gone!
Long Live MJ.

Movie of the Month – Tongues Untied

This ground breaking documentary released in 1989 caused a major stir back in the early 90’s when released on many PBS stations. Marlon Riggs saught to, “…shatter the nation’s brutalising silence on matters of sexual and racial difference.” The film blends documentary footage with personal account and fiction in an attempt to depict the specificity of black gay identity. The “silence” referred to throughout the film is that of black gay men, who are unable to express themselves because of the prejudices of white and black heterosexual society.

This documentary is just as relevant today with the same sex marriage, Defense of Marriage Act (D.O.M.A.) and “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” making headlines on a weekly basis.

If you do not have this in your DVD library, it is a MUST have! You can order it here!

Movie of the Month – Paris is Burning

This month’s movie is “Paris is Burning” – A classic documentary released back in 1990 that gives an unadulterated look into the ball scene in NYC in the mid to late 80’s.

This is the first “gay” documentary/movie I saw that had a majority black cast and was very intrigued. The second one was Tongues Untied released back in 1991. (I’ll talk about that movie in July). I’ve never really been into the ball scene and have yet to go one (even though i would like to check one out soon). The “Sex Siren” category is my favorite. 🙂

It’s worth noting that out of the eight primary stars of Paris Is Burning, only two remain alive (Freddie Pendavis and Paris Dupree). Octavia is the sixth to recently pass away, following Venus Xtravaganza, Anji Xtravaganza, Dorian Corey, Pepper Labeija, and Willi Ninja.

Below is a clip from the documentary.