Best Dick Riding

This is only the 2nd time I’ve seen this position done but it’s definitely hot especially in a 3some! The versatile guy could have a dick in his ass while someone is riding his dick! LOL

BTW, the male in the video looks so ready to be fucked. Don’t you agree? LOL

Pillow Talk with Raw Daddy – Wade Stone

This month’s edition of Pillow Talk, I have the privilege to interview one of the hottest
versatile porn stars in the business! Wade Stone. He is a former title holder, very sexy 
and really down to earth! Get into the interview 🙂  


1.     Tell us about yourself Wade (age, where you from, etc.)
I’m 41 I was bred and born in St. Louis, MO. I’m a Mulatto. LOL. I have Irish, Cherokee, Filipino, and Black. I realized I was gay when I was 10 and came out when I was around 19 or 20. I was raised in a very religious household so it wasn’t the most exciting news. LOL But over time my mom came to except me. I am currently work in high-end luxury retail.
2.     How did you get your porn name? It’s definitely not the typical ghetto fabulous name. LOL
Wade is the name of the 1stschool I went to. And the one of the streets I lived on had Stone in it. Hence Wade Stone. 🙂
3.     How were you introduced into the adult industry? How long have you been doing it?
I bought the magazine Instigator and wrote the editor thanking them for showcasing Men of Color in the Leather – BDSM world. This was the catalyst for me running Mr. Missouri Leather which I won in 2008. I was introduced to porn by BK with Forbidden Funk Media in 2008.

4.     Once you started doing porn, was it all you thought it would be? Your first film was with (Forbidden Funk). How was your first day on the set of porn movie like?
It reminds me of running for IML. It’s like “hurry up and wait”. You get hurried up to do the scene. Then there was either light issues, or had to time out to rest, etc.
5.     Does your family know you are in the adult film business? If so, what are their thoughts?
My family mainly doesn’t know except for my older brother and extended family and friends.
6.     We initially met at ONYX’s BLACKOUT in Ft. Lauderdale in 2010. When we I reached out to you, I let you know that I am launching my own production company, MEN Entertainment, which will put a positive, mature and fresh face of Men of Color in porn! Much of the porn featuring black and latino models are mainly based on negative stereotypes perpetuated by both whites and within the black/latino community. I would like to know your take on this! What changes would you like to see in the porn industry?
I totally agree. There are so many types of men out there and its good to see varying types. But we are all not thugs nor do we want to be thugs with the sagging pants, gold teeth. Don’t the youngsters realize that the sagging pants started in the prisons to let other prisoners know that you are ready to be fucked? LOL. It’s not a good look and I thought this “phase” would have been over by now but I guess not! You might as well wear a jock. LOL Come lick me and fuck me. Flip me over!!!
7.     What has your experience been like working with both a large company (i.e. Treasure Island) and a smaller company (Forbidden Funk)? If given the opportunity, would you be open to work with other major companies (i.e. Raging Stallion/Falcon, etc.)?
I’ve done Dark Alley/Forbidden Funk (Cum Cabins). More like a small town feel. LOL… Everyone knows everybody. You know when he is about business. You know when he is having fun.  He is filling a void in porn that needs to be addressed. He gave me the opportunity to break into porn!
Treasure Island was good to work with as well. No complaints.  I enjoyed working with both.

8.      Since your introduction into porn, most of your scenes have been predominately bareback/raw! Is this by choice or would be open to do safe scenes if the opportunity presented itself?
If the opportunity presents itself I will do safe sex scenes. I prefer raw scenes. It’s more intense. You have to take responsibility for doing raw sex. For both on a legal front and out of respect,  you should let people know your status. I love it, I like it. I do it! No problems.
9.     Continuing with the Bareback/Raw sex talk, there is a big debate whether or not people performing Bareback/Raw porn encourage viewers to perform “unsafe” sexual practices. Many critics believe it has lead to the rise in HIV infections in the African-American and Latino-American communities, particularly with young Black/Latino males. What is your take on their analysis?

I don’t believe that at all. You can’t blame the system for the viewer putting on a condom. If you are going to blame porn for this then if that’s the case, then they need to ban alcohol. People drink all the time but you see they aren’t banning alcohol. And we know people get drunk and cause accidents, etc. You just have to be responsible and know the risks in all you do!

10. Another problem being brought to light about the Adult business, and overall gay community, is the rampant drug usage (PnP – Party n Play) especially with Meth, Cocaine and other drugs. Have you seen it while working in the business? With friends within the community? Personally?
I’ve seen little to known of drug usage in my private life nor while working in the industry. I don’t’ aspire to that and don’t want to surround myself around that element. Unfortunately, lots of people don’t know how to control the usage. They just let it take over their lives. I’ve personally I’ve seen it and I personally stopped guys while they were doing it and made them have a “reality” check. I say to them “do you want me to tell your loved one is in jail for drug usage?” or “Are call your family to tell them to go to the morgue to examine your body”?  I’m not judging. Just be cautious and don’t go overboard.
11. I’m curious to know how you handle the negative comments that, unfortunately, come with the territory for those who work in the Adult Industry.
I haven’t heard that much negativity. And if I have, I just let it go. I don’t let it get to me. Everybody has their own opinion. I just let them think what they want. Life is too short to worry about someone who is envious of what you are doing.

12. With all the movies you have done so far, name some porn stars you have really enjoyed working with!
Antonio Biaggi. He is a real cool guy. Very funny. He isn’t self absorbed.
Zyz Taylor is very nice. Laid back. No drama!
Lian Coles from Treasure Island! Very hot guy!
13. For future films, which porn stars would you like to do a scene with?
Robby Mendez is someone I would like to work with.
14. In all of your films you have showcased great versatility. J Do you prefer to Top more? Bottom more? Or truly love Versatility?
I prefer to flip flop depending on the co-stars. Sometimes its just the vibe and that determines if he is more dominant or submissive. And just let it flow. Chemistry sets the tone of the scene.

15. You have done 1 on 1’s, 3somes and group scenes. Do you have a preference  in porn? What about your private life? 

I have done 1-1 and prefer those. If it turns into a 3somes I’m cool with it. In my private life, I’ve been called a “Pig”. LOL I’m down for anything.

16. What’s your favorite position to be fucked? To fuck?

To fuck  – when I’m fucking doggy then
Being fucked – doesn’t matter as long as it feels good.
17. Do you prefer a thick dick or a long dick? Or both? J

– Both!!! As long as they know what they are doing.

18. Do you prefer a smooth or hairy ass? J

  Either one! J Just as long as it’s clean. LOL

19. How did you lose your virginity?

I was raped at a young age. It was a next door neighbor who I looked up to and things lead to another and he coerced me to do things and I was raped.
I willing lost my virginity at the age of 14 to a close male friend.
20. In a few of your films I see you ventured out into some fetish play. Some piss play. Leather play, etc. What fetishes do you get into?
I’m into watersports. Love watersports. Love the look and feel of leather. I’m learning fisting. I’m open to Role Play, Bondage, and more. I don’t do Scat or anything with Blood. I don’t mind a little pain but nothing where I’m feeling it weeks later. LOL

21. Many might not know that you’re currently in a relationship. How long have you been together? How did you two meet?
We initially meet via A4A but we didn’t meet. We officially met when I was running for Mr. Missouri Leather back in 2008. We have been together since 2009. We both had pre – conceived ideas of each other and I didn’t have the best experiences with white men. They would want me in the bedroom but wouldn’t acknowledge my presence in public. He wasn’t like that and on our date he was very nice. We do get some negative comments since he is white and some think that he is my “Sugar Daddy”. I’m a contributor to our relationship and he loves me for me and vice versa. The interracial aspect of our relations isn’t an issue as I’m from a very diverse family background. I was taught as a child that you have to be who you are. I’ve been talked about within our community for being too black or not acting black enough. St. Louis is like many other cities who are still dealing with interracial dating. I’ve mainly dated Asian and Latinos. Most of the Black men thought I wasn’t black enough.  So I dated with people who respected me for me!
22. Has your work in the adult biz put any more pressure on your relationship?
      I told him when we dated that I did porn, and if you don’t like it… “Peace”. For awhile it wasn’t an issue. But after awhile, it started to wear on it slightly but not overly bad.
23. You are taking a break from porn right now. Any particular reason?

I wanted to take a break from it and spend time with the hubby. He wasn’t against it but I just wanted to take some time off. I do plan to return in due time. 🙂

24. With the election season in full swing and there are various topics that drive people to the polls. What are some issues do you think are important?
Keeping the Republicans out of office. LOL. There is no way possible whether it was President Obama or if it was a Republican can turn the mess George Bush left us. My only problem with Obama was his lack of explaining his major Health Care Plan (i.e. Obamacare).
25. Gay Marriage is a hot button issue with now 8 states legalizing gay marriage. What are your thoughts about gay marriage?  Are you and your partner considering to legally marry?
Yes we plan to marry in Vancouver, British Columbia. We are also thinking of New York.
26. What hobbies do you enjoy? What do you like to do in your spare time?
Love jazz music.  Look at cartoons after a long day. LOL Sometimes I’ll watch old classic Black and White movies. Enjoying my husbands good cooking. LOL And hitting the gym (especially after my husbands cooking)!
27. What is something your fans might be shocked to know about you!
I enjoy sky diving. I love Opera and Classical Music. I love sports especially rugby.
28. Here are Raw Daddy’s list of questions I ask each interviewee.
·      Name some of your favorite music artists – Nina Simone, Lena Horne, Celia Cruz, Ella Fitzgerald, Daliea, Adele., Amy Winehouse
·      What’s your favorite color? Orange
·      What’s your favorite curse word? Fuck I guess.
·      What’s your favorite movie(s)? The Grapes of Wrath and The Wiz
·      What do you fear the most? Anyone not being loved.
·      Boxers or Briefs or Jocks? Jocks and sometimes Briefs (for work purposes)
·      New York City or Miami? Miami
·      What’s your favorite lube? Gun Oil. Make sure to use latex sheets when you use it. LOL
·      If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Lena Horne or Nelson Mandela. Lena preserved thru so much racism, sexism, to the force she was in the entertainment industry. Nelson Mandela because we can learn so much about him about forgiveness and how forgiving is the ultimate in healing all ills!
·      If you can be anywhere (i.e. islands, city, etc), where would it be and why?
Shanghai – the energy of the city is amazing. Or Saigon, Vietnam! That’s where my godparents are from!
29. Thanks so much for your time. I wish you all the best. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans? Do you have a website or blog where your fans can reach you?
I don’t have a blog or website.  But you can reach me on Facebook – Wade Stone.