Joe Simmons

He is probably the most well known African American gay porn star ever. Known for his great looks and body, he is also well known for his versatility in porn. He did it all on film with no shame and with sexual abandon. Like most porn stars from that area, he passed away in 1995 from AIDS related complications. Boy do I wish we had more like him in the game now!

In Memoriam – Teena Marie

“Lady T” or sometimes known as the “The Ivory Queen of Soul”, Teena Marie has passed away.

She truly had a musical gift from God and those living to appreciate her music surely weren’t disappointed. I had the opportunity to meet her long ago and she was so cool and down to earth just like her music. Her music is still sampled to this day by hip hop/rap artists and is a staple on any old school/R&B station.
Rest In Peace Teena. I can see her and Rick James up in Heaven smoking some “Mary Jane” …LOL

You can read more about her here and check out the videos below of “Lady T”