In Memoriam – Javier Bravo (aka Kid Chocolate)

Sad news to report in the Gay Porn World. Porn Star “Kid Chocolate”, real name Javier Bravo, has passed away. He is well known for his work with Machofucker. He also worked with Cazzo Films and Jalif Studio. It’s still very new so the cause of his death is still unknown but damn this is a shocker. Not only was he good at his craft, he was also very photogenic and did some great model shoots.

He had a few blogs (all in Spanish) you all can check out.

Kaldrick and Tariq – LA Complex

I don’t watch much scripted TV, but for the last few months, i’ve been hooked to a Canadian show called L.A. Complex. Overall, the show is ok but the gay storyline between Kal (Andra Fuller) and Tariq (Benjamin Watson) is the meat of the show. Not only was a gay storyline but a storyline with believable gay black men!

Season 2 has been about Kal’s journey accepting the fact he is gay. I must say the writing for his storyline has been on point. And mad kudos to the writers for possibly writing the best ending (i hope not) for Kal’s as he addressed his fans.

If you haven’t seen the show, I suggest you go to youtube and type “Kal and Tariq” and look at all their clips. Andra Fuller’s role as Kaldrick King is just exceptional. He should be winning awards!

Here is the the final two episodes for this seasons just featuring the scenes with Kal. The last 5 min of the 20 min video are the most powerful.

Pillow Talk with Raw Daddy – Drae "Danger" Dixsem

Pillow Talk is back and I had the pleasure to interview rising porn star Drae Dixsem. Some of you all might know him from his erotic dancing as “Danger” throughout the country and the world, but many were introduced to him via his work with I had the opportunity to meet him personally over a year ago at ONYX’s Blackout in Augusta. He’s a real cool guy and very funny. LOL. I had the opportunity to interview him recently and I think you all will enjoy getting to know Drae Dixsem. 🙂

Tell us about yourself Drae (age, where you from, etc.) 

Well Im still 25 years old born on February 19 so im on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. Orginally from Detroit MI but have lived in Atlanta and currently Houston.

How did you get your stage name? 
My Stage name is Drae “Danger” Dixsem. Danger came from the years of exotic dancing I did where I became most notable from the shows I did traveling the U.S. with the infamous ReDICKulous, who suggested to me that I should have a theme song so when Im announced people already know who I am before I hit the stage. I was like a theme song? He said “Yea man that would be hot!”, so I was listening to Mystikal’s song “Danger! Get on the floor” while getting dressed and “boned up” for a show, standing there, DICK HARD, in costume, Mystikal playing on my laptop, we looked at each other and said “That’s hot!”, and “Danger” was born. Over the years performing nationally for Gay Pride and other events like cruises and even a couple trips to the U.K., I was requested for “private shows” and later escorting where my character, Danger, had to evolve, people were looking for more depth, wanting to see a different side of me, asking to book me to go on dates and for companionship services, and so like a super-hero, Danger needed a more mild mannered, alter ego, who I called Andre Dixsem. From exotic dance and escorting services, I knew I had to continue to grow and reinvent myself if I was thinking about expanding my brand of Adult Entertainment. So, I toyed with the idea of  having a dildo molded from my penis, cuz people jokingly would say it looked DANGER-ous and often pretty, lol, and I agree. And when approached by B.K. of Forbidden Funk Media/ , Andre Dixsem, was shortened to Drae Dixsem, so Im Drae “Danger” Dixsem!

If I’m correct, you got your start in the adult industry as an erotic dancer. How did you get involved in doing that? 
I actually began professionally dancing when I was like 12, performing hip-hop dance, modern, and ballet, all through school and when I graduated high school, decided to exotic dance at the local clubs until school started at U of M, which was really the beginning of more than I had imagined it would be.  
How long have you been doing it? 
Today Ive been working as an exotic dancer for 11 years.
Along with dancing, you have done escort work as well. Was this like the launching pad for you to start doing porn? 
Yes, it was. Porn, for me, gave the viewers a preview of what they could anticipate experiencing in one of my sessions.
Which do you prefer more: dancing, escorting or doing porn? And why? 
I love dancing and filming porn. It allows me to travel to different places and entertain masses of people doing something that is almost second nature to me, like a creative outlet.
You started your porn career with (Forbidden Funk Media). How was your first day on the set? Was it all you thought it would be?
I was eager. I felt excited to be in the midst of starting another chapter, felt like I was transforming from a dancer/escort to yet another facet of entertainment that I knew would reach many via the internet, dvd, and live shows I would one day be featured in, close to the feeling I felt during my first performance for an online strip club I was featured on called It was more than I thought it would be but in a good way, everything was so organized and professional. I was really impressed! Felt like “Yes, this is really a business venture, not some ghetto, unprofessional shit where Im brought in with another model, told we gone be recorded having sex with just us and a cameraman. There was a complete staff and protocol and order. I like structure.
Does your family know you are in the adult film business? If so, what are their thoughts? 
My family knows bout the dancing but I don’t think they know about the filming, not that Im ashame of it, jus feel its not for everyone to know, wouldn’t hide it, jus don’t feel that its something that needs to be introduced to my family, I do this for my fans, anyone who is intrigued/fascinated/entertained by gay porn.
We have known each other for a short time and I mentioned to you that I am launching my own production company, MEN Entertainment. Much of the porn featuring Black and Latino models are mainly based on negative stereotypes perpetuated by both whites and within the Black/Latino community and with my company I will change the negative imagery. I would like to know your take on this! 
To each his own! Its really all between the individual and their MAKER at the end of the day so if u make peace with what you do, there’s nothing anyone else should say about it. No Man Can Judge Me, just my attitude in life.
From your time doing porn, are there are some things you were surprised to see and/or experience? 
LOL yea a few things. The amount of actual work that a production puts into the little that we see on the screen before the sex, the amount of dedication to a project that can be required, the limits that some guys can push themselves to in the name of a NUTT! It can be looked at from a lot of different sides and I like that it can be much more complex than most would think, making porn is more than jus ok , get naked, you and him or all yall gone fuck, and someone’s going to record it, even though in some instances it looks like that is what happened and maybe it does but just surprised me that that ISN’T what Ive experienced in my time filming.
As we talked earlier, your entrance into the porn business was with Forbidden Funk Media. If given the opportunity, would you be open to work with other major companies (i.e. Raging Stallion/Falcon, etc.)? 
Absolutely, I think if anyone expects any sort of longevity and growth in any creative art form you have to be willing to branch out and do some new and different things. Just have to stay mindful that new isn’t always better, so have to make smart moves not just new moves.
All of your scenes have been Bareback/Raw! Is this by choice? Would be open to do safe (i.e. condom) scenes if the opportunity presented itself? 
Well if you’re familiar with Forbidden Funk/Black Breeders, you already know, it’s a bareback/raw production, so yes that was my choice, but Im not opposed to safe scenes at all, so if working on a project that requires the use of condoms presents itself at the right time, I don’t have any issues with that.
Continuing with the Bareback/Raw sex talk, there is a big debate whether or not people performing Bareback/Raw porn encourage viewers to perform “unsafe” sexual practices. Critics believe it has lead to the rise in HIV infections in the African-American and Latino-American communities, particularly with young Black/Latino males. What is your take on their criticism?  
Well for me, porn isn’t a tool designed to sway peoples personal practices, it is intended for entertainment purposes, so I think people need to assume responsibility for their own choices, versus looking for an outlet to blame their behavior on.
Recently, there have been some notable deaths of popular mainstream and urban porn stars (i.e. Erik Rhodes, Roman Ragazzi, Adam Faust, Haze, and more).  There has been wide speculation that many of the deaths were from abusing drugs and steroid use and while some were from natural causes. The “dark” side of the porn industry is the rampant usage of drugs (i.e. meth, cocaine, etc.) Have you seen it while working in the business? 
Fortunately, in my work in porn, I haven’t seen drug use, the producers Ive worked with are very strict about personal conduct, in that whatever you, as an adult, choose to do, as an able minded adult, is your choice, just don’t allow it to interfere in the work we come together to do. So, if there is any drug usage, people have been good about doing it away from our work, and I like that. I always say “do what you do, jus don’t fuck up my scene and lets make some magic”. 
With all your time in the adult industry as a dancer and porn star, you will have your haters and people criticizing you for working in this industry. How do you handle the negative comments/criticisms? 
I don’t handle their negative comments/criticisms, that’s their issue, not mine. Im living my life for me.
When you are doing porn, what type of guy is needed for you to give a stellar performance? J
Someone with the same kinda work ethic I have, willing to grit and bare it to get a good scene, sometimes u wanna jus bust a nutt cuz it feels good, but that sometimes happens before the job is done and that’s the goal getting the job done, there also needs to be chemistry, not just a nice body, nice dick or ass, gotta have some passion in what we doing and passion for what we doing, making good film.
With the films you have done, who have you enjoyed working with? 
Umm damn theres lots of folks ive worked with ive enjoyed working with. As far as models, Antonio Biaggi, Big Beef, Champ Robinson, Kane Rider, Marc Dupree, Quawn, Ramey West, Remy Mars, and Vann Williams.
For future films, which porn stars would you like to do a scene with? 
Hmmm, maybe Kannon, Big Redd, Xman, and TrapBoyy.
In most of your films you have showcased great top skills. J Recently we saw you bottom for Champ Robinson and Quawn. Can we expect you to be more versatile on film?
  I am a Vers/Top and I am open to both have done more bottoming than actual scenes have been released of me doing it so I mean I guess it just depends on what scene Im cast for and whats most needed a lot of the time I think its difficult to find guys who can fill the top role reliably, like performing for the camera and its one my strengths so that why I think im usually cast topping
When filming, do you wish to top more or doesn’t matter? 
If there is good chemistry between me and my co star it doesn’t really matter but because I think of myself as aggressive and more dominant than submissive, I tend to naturally take the top role unless the scene calls for me to embody something different.
You have done mainly 1 on 1 scenes. Do you have a preference of doing 1-1 scenes or are you open to 3somes/group scenes? How about in your private life? 
Well again that kinda comes back to whats been released vs. what ive recorded I do like 3somes/group as well in my personal life, lol.
What’s your favorite position to be fuck? Be fucked?
I like to fuck from the back and with a dude on his back. I like to ride and get hit from the back.
Do you prefer a smooth or hairy ass? J Do you prefer a thick dick or a long dick? Or both? J  
I love smooth ass. I prefer a combination of thick and long but nothing too too long like my insides where they are lol.
There has been much discussion on how bottoms are looked negatively doing porn, even though many enjoy seeing a sexy bottom getting fucked. What is your take on the double standards in gay porn between Top and Bottoms? 
You really won’t have good porn without the submissive role however it is probably the perception that the bottoms are too feminine which is really a case by case situation I know a few submissive bottoms that perform well on camera that I think still maintain some masculinity which to me does make for hotter porn but sometimes it is very difficult to not let the bitch out when there’s a dick up your ass, lol.
Your work has been for a company that has done films with a Fetish/Leather theme (Watersports, Assplay, Leather play, etc.) Would you be willing to do it on film?  In your private life, what fetishes do you get into (if at all)? 
Well I have done toys, watersports, ass play, and leather play on film and live! In my personal life I think im a little more hands on and so aside from lube and cockrings, the most ill do on occasion is a dildo or vibrator, but my dick and tongue are my favorite extras.  
Are you single or in a relationship? 
I am currently in a relationship.
How has working in the adult industry affected your personal relationships? 
It hasn’t really, its work for me and anyone getting to know me must understand that that’s a part of who I am and how I support myself and am not to be judged by it so its kinda mind over matter and if I don’t mind it shouldn’t matter.
What type of guys interests you (i.e. physically, mentally, etc.) 
I like all kinds. i’m really eclectic – tall, short, thin, muscled, light, dark… confidence is the thing i’m most attracted to but jus have to have a mutual attraction its more bout the energy between me and the other person I’d say.
How did you lose your virginity? 
LMAO… In the summer back in like middle/high school when our parents were away, my friends and I and whoever we were dating or hooking up with would all meet up over someones house while the parents were at work.. watch tv, listen to music, play games and make out etc. the girl I was dating and I went all the way cuz hell so was everyone else (most my friends were at least 3 years older I was the youngest in our neighborhood clique)
In the next 5 – 10 years, do you still plan to be in the adult biz or retired from all of it? 
Hopefully I will have grown into a different more producing end of it. Maybe director of a production show not necessarily film but producing.
What are your plans after retiring from the adult biz? 
Ill be letting my experience work for me to create opportunity to make money off my experience maybe even writing.
For those people who wish to get into the porn business, do you have words of wisdom for them? I mean tell the good, bad and ugly. LOL 
I say think about what you really want to do, how u want to be viewed and who will best represent you the way you see yourself, that’s about it.
To Segway off porn for a minute, I’m sure you know we are in a very “Intense” election season. Do you follow politics? If so, how do you think President Obama is doing as President? 
I don’t follow politics much but i’m Obama all the way and I think he is really about change which is needed cuz nothing should stay the same always.
With the economy being somewhat anemic, has this affected your escort business? Erotic dancing? 
Ummm yes some people want the services but cant afford to pay what I ask for the services, and as for dancing I mean everything is different clubs budget, patron tips! i’m sure the economy is a big part of that.
What are some issues do you feel are most important? Least important? 
Equality, Unemployment, Growth and Education are important. Least important – I don’t know probably cuz they seem so unimportant, lol
Gay Marriage is a hot button issue and it came to head again with the Chik-Fi-La drama. LOL  What are your thoughts about gay marriage?  Do you wish to get married to your partner? 
I think gays have as much right to be miserable with whomever they want for life just like the heteros, lol ..No at this point i’m not ready for marriage but I think everyone should be able to marry if they want, all that matters is love and every one needs it
Tell your fans what Drae likes to do for fun. What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies? 
Video games, music, travel, just have fun, being active. I’m open to lots of things I like diversity.
What is something your fans might be shocked to know about you! 
I graduated high school as salutatorian and am a certified massage therapist and been practicing legitimate massage for six years.
Here are Raw Daddy’s list of quickie questions I ask each interviewee.

    • Name 5 of your favorite music artists Mary J. Blige, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Brandy. Marsha Ambroshia
    • What’s your favorite color? Blue
    • What’s your favorite curse word? Fuck
    • What’s your favorite movie? The Color Puple
    • What’s your favorite song? Zoom – The Commadores
    • What do you fear the most? Being in Outer Space
    • Boxers or Briefs or Jocks? No Fly Trunks
    • New York City or Atlanta? New York
    • What’s your favorite lube? Wet Platinum
    • If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why? President Obama because he is amazing example to my generation of black men that you can create change by pushing for it.
    • If you can be anywhere (i.e. islands, city, etc), where would it be and why? The city, Im energetic and sometimes at the strangest hour, I wanna jump up and be active.

    Thanks so much for your time. I wish you all the best in all your endeavors. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans? 

    Thank you for appreciating what I offer to the world as one of my gifts and that’s to entertain at least one person with my talents.
    Do you have a website or blog where your fans can reach you? 
    Facebook DraeDixsem, Twitter @pstardraedixsem and my blog is

      Jenifer Lewis and Shangela

      Jenifer Lews is probably one of the most underrated actresses/comedians today. She has been in the game over 20 years and still no major props. But nonetheless, she is funny as shit!!! LOL

      Check out her new web-isodes she has created with Drag Queen “Shangela” Too funny.

      And then you wonder why this isn’t picked up by like HBO or other major networks!