ONYX’s Dance at IML in Chicago

I’m involved in an organization called ONYX. It’s purpose is to educate/mentor men of color who are and have an interest in the Leather/BDSM scene.

Every year at one of the leather world’s most recognized event, IML, we have our ONYX dance which has become a fixture for the entire weekend.
If you happen to be in Chicago during Memorial Day weekend, please come out and join us for a night full of hot men in leather and great house music.

Oympic Track Star, LaShawn Merritt, may face ban for taking a sexual enhancer!

The latest track star to face a 2 year suspension won’t be suspended for taking serious performing enhancing drugs like HGH, etc. He might be suspended because of his desire for stamina in the bedroom. YES. He has admitted taking eXtense which helps keep your dick hard for a long time. Well it appears that product, along with other sexual enhancers, have steriods and/or other type of stuff, are banned by the track sports world.

This is a sad but kind of funny story. I mean he isn’t all that old but taking that stuff. Well, I hope whomever he was sexing was satisfied. LOL Maybe Shawn Crawford can speak up to his defense!
Get more into the store here!

In Memoriam – Dorothy Height

Dorothy Height, the Godmother of the Civil Rights Museum, passed away on Tuesday of natural causes at the age of 98. She was long standing President of the National Council of Negro Women and a pivotal person in the civil rights movement. She has counseled over 7 Presidents and helped shape legislation for both people of color, women and gays!
We are truly losing our civil rights pioneers!
You can read more about her here! and you can also view a nice pictorial of her life here!
Dorothy, thanks for all you have done. You won’t be forgotten!

In Memoriam – Guru

Guru, half of the rap group “Gang Starr”, died on Tuesday of complications from cancer. He was 43! Many young folks might not know who he is due to the fact that much of hip hop today doesn’t pay homage to those who you really made hip hop what it was back in the day.

Guru, along with DJ Premier, were pioneers in merging Hip Hop and Jazz Music. Other groups that successfully blended Jazz and Hip Hop, were A Tribe Called Quest and Digable Planets.
May you rest in peace brother! No more pain!
You can read more about him here! Also, get into a couple of tracks from Guru/Gang Starr!