Daddy Rod and Blatino Oasis

For those who came out to Blatino Oasis California 2012 this weekend to come see the “Safe, Sane and Consensual” – Leather-BDSM Workshop, I want to offer my sincerest apologies for it not to occur. Unfortunately, the owners of Canyon Club truly showed their “racism” card and their rudeness not only to me and my other ONYX brother Ian but also lied about the reasons why we couldn’t do the workshop (even though it was the same exact workshop we did last year). I want to thank Joe Hawkins and his partner Mark who had to lay down the law to the owners once they were informed of what happened and for Joe making a public apology to ONYX and all the attendees at Blatino Oasis who wanted to see the workshop. But I know from now on, I will NOT support Canyon Club and I would suggest you all don’t as well. Their unprofessionalism exhibited this weekend truly soured my weekend and I hope Joe doesn’t offer patronage to this facility for future Blatino Oasis events!!!

Thanks again to Ian for being there for ONYX for the workshop!

I hope ONYX will be welcomed back for future Blatino Oasis events and we will offer a full fledged workshop on Friday evening of the event so people can start off the weekend with a “Bang” LOL 

In Leather and Love,
Daddy Rod