What The Fuck …Tranny Vs. Undisciplined Kids

This video is a testament that kids have no home training. No matter whether you believe in other people’s lifestyles, views, etc., that gives you no reason to talk nasty to them.

This Tranny shows them who is boss as she maces the kids! LOL
I’m sure they won’t fuck with anyone from the LGBT community anytime soon!

In Memoriam – Jason Mattison and Jorge Mercado

Over the last two weeks, two young gay men of color have been murdered by older men who lured them to sex and murdered them. Both were killed maliciously.
Jason Mattison from Baltimore is killed by a “family friend” and ex-con and was forced into a sexual relationship. The accused, Dante Parrish, raped, stabbed and suffocated him and stuffed him in a closet.
Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado from Puerto Rico is killed by Juan Marteniz Matos. He “thought” he was dealing with a female prostitute and “panicked” killing Jorge then dismembering and burning him.
This homophobia in the Black/Latino communities must cease. I’m getting quite tired of these “men” claiming “panicked” when it really boils down to they have incredible self hatred to do such crazy heinous acts like this to these young men!
It’s truly sad to see what this world is coming to! Thankfully, Congress and President Obama passed federal legislation for hate crimes against LGBT persons!
May Jason and Jorge rest in eternal peace!