GLO TV – Urban LGBT Network

A new network, GLO TV, catering to People of Color in the LGBT will premiere this weekend in Atlanta during Black Gay Pride. My boy, Maurice Jamal (i.e. Dirty Laundry, Ski Trip, etc) is the President/CEO of the company and I think this is a great thing. After how LOGO dropped the ball with “Noah’s Arc” this is much needed. There is a strong possibility of me hosting a talk show about sexuality for the network. So contact Maurice and let him know you want the show and want me to host it.

You can check out more about GLO TV here. Below is the events celebrating the launch of the network!

African American Males – Low High School Graduation Rates

Like we didn’t already know this was happening in our community but this is still troubling. Here in Georgia it’s worse. The graduation rate of black male from high school is less than 40%

This is just an indication that the Black Church, jaded African American community and the lack of a strong family unit, whether it be a mom/dad, single mother or father, or two dads or two moms, are failing our young black men.