Before and After -Sammy Sosa

Here are a couple of photos of former Major League Baseball player Sammy Sosa before the effects of steroids

Here are the effects when you take steroids then undergo massive tanning to rid of the pimples. You are left with a face that peels and then you have to bleach out the spots from pimples and tanning.

What’s the lesson for today? Don’t use steroids unless under medical supervision

Before and After – Michael Jackson

With the splendid tribute done for Michael Jackson on MTV’s Video Music Awards, I wanted to take a look back at how Michael used to look in the 1970’s and 80’s and right before his death. We can’t do anything about the skin disorder but I mean Joseph really worked a number on all his kids because all but two (Tito, Jackie and maybe Rebbie) had some kind of cosmetic surgery.

You are truly missed MJ.

Before and After – La Toya Jackson

I’m a huge Jackson Family fan and LOVED it when they all had their original noses (especially Marlon). 🙂 So its very disappointing to see how almost all of them resorted to nose jobs.

Can you believe the picture above is La Toya Jackson back in 1980? She WAS amazingly beautiful.

Plastic Surgery isn’t always the answer. The photos speak for themselves!