Motivation Spotlight – Stephen Stafford

Now this is a story we don’t hear or read often enough. In a day where most news stories of our African and Latino American youth involve crime, lawlessness, athletics and/or music, we have a whiz kid who is bucking that trend. Meet Stephen Stafford: a 13 years old young man who is a triple major in pre-med, math and computer science at Morehouse College. This is truly amazing when you got some men twice his age who don’t even have a high school diploma!
He loves playing video games and his drum sets but finds education just as exciting. Home schooled by his mother, the mother realized when he was 11 that he needed to be in college when he started teaching her more things that she could teach her.
Now this is a young man we need to embrace and uplift and use as an example to other young men and women that there is nothing wrong with athletics, music, etc but education is truly the ticket. And most importantly, that getting an education isn’t indicative of “Losing your blackness”. I’m sure we have had heard that at some point during our educational career. I know I have!
He should be getting just the same, if not more, respect and honor than athletes and entertainers.
So if you know any “Stephen Staffords”, male or female, take time to acknowledge them, uplift them and encourage other youth to follow his example!
Go Stephen!

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