William Ratliff aka Elmo Jackson gets 8 years

You may have saw my previous post about porn star Elmo Jackson. He was arrested in Atlanta for check fraud and other charges. He was also wanted in Tennessee and Mississippi. Well he has been convicted and will spend the next 8 years in Mississippi state prison.

What a shame. He was a cute porn star with a juicy ass and, I thought, a great porn career ahead of him. But for some reason, he had to resort to doing check fraud, etc.
Well I’ve never been in jail/prison but I have heard many stories from guys who have and I hear the prisons in the south are notorious for rapes, etc. Boy they going to love his pussy!
You can see the full rap sheet here!

In Memoriam – Jason Mattison and Jorge Mercado

Over the last two weeks, two young gay men of color have been murdered by older men who lured them to sex and murdered them. Both were killed maliciously.
Jason Mattison from Baltimore is killed by a “family friend” and ex-con and was forced into a sexual relationship. The accused, Dante Parrish, raped, stabbed and suffocated him and stuffed him in a closet.
Jorge Steven Lopez Mercado from Puerto Rico is killed by Juan Marteniz Matos. He “thought” he was dealing with a female prostitute and “panicked” killing Jorge then dismembering and burning him.
This homophobia in the Black/Latino communities must cease. I’m getting quite tired of these “men” claiming “panicked” when it really boils down to they have incredible self hatred to do such crazy heinous acts like this to these young men!
It’s truly sad to see what this world is coming to! Thankfully, Congress and President Obama passed federal legislation for hate crimes against LGBT persons!
May Jason and Jorge rest in eternal peace!

Ex-Judge Accused of Trading Sex for Leniency

This is coming from Rod. 2.0 Online blog. It seems High Profile Brothers (i.e. preachers, judges, etc) in Alabama love sticking it to youngin’s and prisoners. LOL

A former judge is facing life in prison after being charged with sexually abusing male inmates in exchange for leniency.

Respected circuit judge Herman Thomas, who was once the Democratic Party’s choice to be the first black federal judge in south Alabama, is accused of bringing inmates to his office and spanking them with a paddle.

His trial for charges of sodomy, kidnapping, sex abuse, extortion, assault and ethics violations is set to begin today.

The 48-year-old insists he is innocent and claims he was trying to mentor the inmates.

You can read more about it here and here!

What The Fuck…The Death of Derrion Albert

My heart is heavy after watching the news on the tragic death of Derrion Albert who was killed leaving school last week. 4 young black men killed another Derrion, a honor roll student, who was at the wrong place and the wrong time. A young lady caught it on her cell phone video camera and sent it to police.

This is sad on many fronts. One, is how so many young black men have no love for themselves and each other. And without that, they have regard for life any more. Two, how so many people watched and didn’t intervene to stop it. Three, how with so many black boys getting in gangs and the like, how the black church and family has utterly failed at raising our children.

We, as an African-American community, don’t have to worry about whites and others doing harm to us when we do it readily to ourselves.

Jamaica and Gays don’t mix!

(Kingston, Jamaica) Even now, about three years after a near-fatal gay bashing, Sherman gets jittery at dusk. On bad days, his blood quickens, his eyes dart, and he seeks refuge indoors.

A group of men kicked him and slashed him with knives for being a “batty boy” – a slang term for gay men – after he left a party before dawn in October 2006. They sliced his throat, torso, and back, hissed anti-gay epithets, and left him for dead on a Kingston corner.

“It gets like five, six o’clock, my heart begins to race. I just need to go home, I start to get nervous,” said the 36-year-old outside the secret office of Jamaica’s sole gay rights group. Like many other gays, Sherman won’t give his full name for fear of retribution.

Despite the easygoing image propagated by tourist boards, gays and their advocates agree that Jamaica is by far the most hostile island toward homosexuals in the already conservative Caribbean. They say gays, especially those in poor communities, suffer frequent abuse. But they have little recourse because of rampant anti-gay stigma and a sodomy law banning sex between men in Jamaica and 10 other former British colonies in the Caribbean.

It is impossible to say just how common gay bashing attacks like the one against Sherman are in Jamaica – their tormentors are sometimes the police themselves. But many homosexuals in Jamaica say homophobia is pervasive across the sun-soaked island, from the pulpit to the floor of the Parliament.

Hostility toward gays has reached such a level that four months ago, gay advocates in New York City launched a short-lived boycott against Jamaica at the site of the Stonewall Inn, where demonstrations launched the gay-rights movement in 1969. In its 2008 report, the U.S. State Department also notes that gays have faced death and arson threats, and are hesitant to report incidents against them because of fear.

For gays, the reality of this enduring hostility is loneliness and fear, and sometimes even murder.

Andrew, a 36-year-old volunteer for an AIDS education program, said he was driven from the island after his ex-lover was killed for being gay – which police said was just a robbery gone wrong. He moved to the U.K. for several years, but returned to Jamaica in 2008 for personal reasons he declined to disclose.

“I’m living in fear on a day-to-day basis,” he said softly during a recent interview in Kingston. “In the community where my ex-lover was killed, people will say to me when I’m passing on the street, they will make remarks like ‘boom-boom-boom’ or ‘batty boy fi dead.’ I don’t feel free walking on the streets.”

Many in this highly Christian nation perceive homosexuality as a sin, and insist violence against gays is blown out of proportion by gay activists. Some say Jamaica tolerates homosexuality as long as it is not advertised – a tropical version of former President Bill Clinton’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy for the U.S. military.

Jamaica’s most prominent evangelical pastor, Bishop Herro Blair, said he sympathizes with those who face intolerance, but that homosexuals themselves are actually behind most of the attacks reported against them.

“Among themselves, homosexuals are extremely jealous,” said Blair during a recent interview. “But some of them do cause a reaction by their own behaviors, for, in many people’s opinions, homosexuality is distasteful.”

Other church leaders have accused gays of flaunting their behavior to “recruit” youngsters, or called for them to undergo “redemptive work” to break free of their sexual orientation.

Perhaps playing to anti-gay constituents, politicians routinely rail against homosexuals. During a parliamentary session in February, lawmaker Ernest Smith of the ruling Jamaica Labor Party stressed that gays were “brazen,” “abusive,” and “violent,” and expressed anxiety that the police force was “overrun by homosexuals.”

A few weeks later, Prime Minister Bruce Golding described gay advocates as “perhaps the most organized lobby in the world” and vowed to keep Jamaica’s “buggery law” – punishable by 10 years – on the books. During a BBC interview last year, Golding vowed to never allow gays in his Cabinet.

The dread of homosexuality is so all-encompassing that many Jamaican men refuse to get digital rectal examinations for prostate cancer, even those whose disease is advanced, said Dr. Trevor Tulloch of St. Andrews Hospital.

“Because it is a homophobic society, there’s such a fear of the sexual implications of having the exam that men won’t seek out help,” said Tulloch, adding Jamaica has a soaring rate of prostate cancer because men won’t be screened.

The anti-gay sentiment on this island of 2.8 million has perhaps become best known through Jamaican “dancehall,” a rap-reggae music hybrid that often has raunchy, violent themes. Some reggae rappers, including Bounty Killer and Elephant Man, depend on gay-bashing songs to rouse concert-goers.

“It stirs up the crowd to a degree that many performers feel they have to come up with an anti-gay song to incite the audience,” said Barry Chevannes, a professor of social anthropology at the University of the West Indies.

Brooklyn-based writer Staceyann Chin, a lesbian who fled her Caribbean homeland for New York more than a decade ago, stressed that violence in Jamaica is high – there were 1,611 killings last year, about 10 times more than the U.S. rate relative to population – but that it is “extraordinarily” high against gays.

“The macho ideal is celebrated, praised in Jamaica, while homosexuality is paralleled with pedophilia, rapists,” Chin said. “Markers that other people perceive as gay – they walk a certain way, wear tight pants, or are overly friendly with a male friend – make them targets. It’s a little pressure cooker waiting to pop.”

In 1996, when she was 20, Chin came out as lesbian on the Kingston UWI campus. She said she was ostracized by her peers, and one day was herded into a campus bathroom by a group of male students, who ripped off her clothes and sexually assaulted her.

“They told me what God wanted from me, that God made women to enjoy sex with men,” recalled Chin, a poet, performer and lecturer who closes her just-published memoir “The Other Side of Paradise” with her searing account of the attack.

Even in New York City, anti-gay Jamaican bigots sent her hate-filled e-mails after a 2007 appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s TV talk show to discuss homosexuality.

Chin said she doesn’t know if she would have the courage to come out now as a lesbian in Jamaica.

“The tensions are higher now. People are feeling very much that they have to declare camps,” she said.

Jamaican nationalism has always been tied in deeply with bugbears about masculinity, making for a “potent brew” where those who violate accepted standards of manliness are easy targets, said Scott Long of Human Rights Watch.

Long, head of a gay rights program at the New York-based group, pointed out that most other English-speaking islands in the region have tiny populations, where gays don’t come out and visible activism is limited.

“(But) what stands out about Jamaica is how absolutely, head-in-the-sand unwilling the authorities have been for years to acknowledge or address homophobic violence,” he said. “Most notably, three successive governments have completely, utterly, publicly refused even to talk about changing the buggery law – which expressly consigns gay people to second-class citizens and paints targets on their backs.”

Prominent Jamaican political activist Yvonne McCalla Sobers noted that social standing still protects gay islanders, especially in Kingston, where a quest for privacy and the fear of crime has driven many to live behind gated walls with key pad entry systems, 24-hour security and closed-circuit television monitoring. People with power and money who are not obviously gay are often protected, she said.

“My thought is there are far more men having sex with men in this country than you would ever think is happening,” Sobers said.

Many gays from poorer areas in Jamaica say they congregate in private to find safety and companionship. Once a month, they have underground church services at revolving locations across the island.

Sherman, meanwhile, is simply trying to move on with his life. But he said he will always remember how, after his attack, patrolmen roughly lifted his bloodied body out of their squad car when a man admonished them for aiding a “batty boy.” A woman shamed them into driving him to a hospital; they stuffed him in the car’s trunk.

“Being gay in Jamaica, it’s like, don’t tell anybody. Just keep it to yourself,” he said evenly, with a half smile.

What The Fuck….

This falls into a new category in my blog – “What the Fuck”.
Here you got a sexy actor who is charged with selling Social Security Numbers. It amazes me the stupidity of some people.

“One Tree Hill ” actor Antwon Tanner pleaded guilty Friday to identity theft, admitting he was the middleman in a scam involving bogus Social Security numbers.

During an appearance in Brooklyn Federal Court, Tanner acknowledged selling more than a dozen of the numbers for $10,000 in a scheme uncovered by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Tanner, 35, faces up to one year in prison when he’s sentenced by Federal Judge Carol Amon.

He could have gotten 10 years behind bars if convicted at trial.

He’s also the subject of an investigation by California authorities looking into a similar scam.

Tanner plays the character Skills in the CW Network series. He also appeared in the film “Coach Carter” with Samuel L. Jackson and played the passenger who bopped his head to a “Da Da Da” soundtrack in an artsy Volkswagen commercial.

Neither Tanner nor his lawyer explained why he was involved in the scheme.

Suspect in Seaman August Provost’s death commits suicide

A sailor accused of killing another sailor was found dead in his cell in a southern California military jail, officials said Friday. Petty Officer Jonathan Campos was found dead in the brig at the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego, a military statement said. The cause of death was self-inflicted asphyxiation, according to the statement.

Campos had been charged with murder in the June 30 shooting death of Seaman August Provost.

Provost was killed while he was standing guard as a sentry for the Assault Craft Unit 5 compound at Camp Pendleton, officials said. Authorities also said Provost’s body was set on fire at his guard post.

Provost’s family believed that he was killed partly because of his sexual orientation.

However, a spokesman for Camp Pendleton, where the shooting took place, said there was no indication early in the investigation that the killing was a hate crime.

Along with the murder charge, Campos was facing charges of drug use, larceny, burglary, theft, arson and unlawful handling of a deceased.

There were rumors that Campos was secretly in the closet and was afraid that Provost was going to out him to other officers on base!

Well with Campos committing suicide, this leads you to assume that maybe the rumors of him being a closted gay man were true! What do you think?

Flavaworks Star, Elmo Jackson, Arrested

Well it looks like our porn stars can’t seem to get away from a life of crime. FlavaWorks star “Elmo Jackson” , William Christopher Ratliff, was arrested in Atlanta for Identity Theft, Check Fraud, and more. He currently sits in the Fulton County Jail with no bail set.

Wonder where FlavaWorks is? You think they gonna bail him out?

It’s a shame he had to resort to crime. He is definitely a cutie and is good at porn. I guess this lets us all know that with all that ass and dick he putting out, Flavaworks isn’t paying him shit. What a shame!