Fetish of the Month – Wax Play

Wax play takes on a ceremonial feel when incorporated in a scene, and is an incredibly sensual “add on” to any sexual experience. Techniques for wax play include dripping, pouring and application…which way to go may be determined by preference, expertise, and the sensation you want to give or receive. Just remember that advanced methods of wax play take serious skills…so don’t rush!

  • Know about your candles and how hot they burn. Cheap, white paraffin or votive candles are the beginner’s friend. Beeswax candles melt at a higher temperature, so the wax is much hotter on the skin. There are certain considerations when using colors, so if you plan to create a Romare Bearden on your partner’s back then do some follow-up research on colors and chemical dyes. You may also want to check out using a crock pot for more colorful creations.
  • Check for allergies by applying a small amount of wax to a small patch of skin. If there is any redness or irritation do not use that type of wax. Another problem may be there may be an allergic reaction to dye, perfume or other additives.

  • Test your candles to see how long they take to develop a pool of wax so you’ll know how far in advance you may need to light them.
  • Your candles and/or crock pot should be on a level, stable surface…and place a drop cloth under your sub.
  • Keep ice, cold towels and a bowl of water nearby. It is also good to have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit handy.

  • Some fetish garments will melt or burn, sticking to the skin and causing serious burns. Anything with nylon, vinyl, PVC, patent leather, or other synthetic fabrics can be a problem.
  • Oiling skin before waxing makes removal easier. Remember that some oils will conduct heat and prolong the extreme temperatures from the hot wax. Mineral oil is generally used to oil skin.
  • Temperature can be varied based on the height from which you drip, drop, or pour the wax. Check temperature by dropping some on yourself, using the back of your hand and your inner forearm. Keeping the candle 18 inches from the skin is considered a safe distance.

Ice, ice scrappers, fingernails, and blunt knives can be used to remove wax…and add intensity to the scene. It can also be combed, spanked, or flogged off. Just remember that the skin under the wax may be very sensitive

For more information on Wax Play, Check out this book called “The Toybag Guide to Hot Wax and Temperature Play”

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