I don’t really like asking people for help too much because most time people can’t seem to help me when I do ask for something (which is rare). If i do ask for anything its usually something serious and still can’t get any help. I have a couple of businesses and can’t seem to get any of my peeps to support me.
Well I’m going to see if any of my blog readers can help me. I’m actively looking for work. My career experience is in IT but I also have experience in radio as well. I’m at a point now i’m willing to try something new especially in the airline industry ..maybe as an analyst or something along that line.
I’ve applied at Delta Airlines with not much luck. Hell i even have a “Friend” (which i’m questioning now as i type this) who works for them and he can’t seem to get any head way for me. I’ve done the LinkedIn, gone on job boards, networked with folks at companies I wish to work for and nothing has transpired.
Even with my radio gig, i’ve been asking people who might know folks at Sirius/XM to see if i can get a show with the company.
So now i ask if there is anyone who is reading my blog who works for or knows anyone who works for Delta Airlines, Sirius/XM, or Emory University, please contact me ASAP. I’ve applied at these places with not much success!
This has been a trying couple of years for me and with all of my time job hunting, trying to boost my business and take care of my grandparents, my health has been affected and is on a serious decline. I thank God im here still but i feel time is running out for me. So i truly need a job with health benefits.
For those who don’t know about my businesses, I have two.
Braddock Photography. I mainly shoot models (i.e. editorial, fashion, erotica), corporate/personal events, bodybuilding shows and more. You can check out my work on my website here!

My other business is Braddock Digital Services.
With this company, I convert LP’s or Audio tapes to mp3’s, I convert old VHS tapes, Mini DV’s to DVD, I also restore old photographs and more. You can get more information at my website here!
If you have it in your heart to help, please contact me! Thanks!