Leather/BDSM Information – Hanky Code

The Hanky Code is a traditional form of signaling to others what your sexual preferences and interests are. Gay/Bisexual men widely used this code in the 1970’s thru the early 1990’s to communicate with each other in Leather and regular gay bars. Although not as widely used these days, it is still a worthwhile resource and is, among those who know, a great conversation starter.

Hankies can also be worn around the wrist, ankle, or leg (at the thigh, above the knee), or around the neck with the tie going either right or left. Other objects such as keys, key chains, watch fobs, or even handcuffs can also be used to let people know if you’re a “top” or “bottom.” If worn in the back on the center belt loop, it translates as “versatile.”

For a complete list of the Hanky Code, click here oor here!