Pillow Talk with Raw Daddy – Rogue Blackmon

Hello everyone!!! Pillow Talk is back and I had the pleasure to interview a popular Urban porn star from the 2000’s – Rogue Blackmon!!!  Many of us was introduced to his rugged sexiness on the porn site Dawgpound and from there he did work other studios! He has been in the adult industry as porn star and erotic dancer for a few years now. He has taken a little break to do some work outside the porn industry and is looking to make a big comeback with his latest endeavors.  He was gracious enough to take time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed for my blog and I greatly appreciate it.

Enjoy our interview!

1. What have you been up to lately? The world hasn’t been graced with your presence in many adult films lately! What gives? LOL

Just enjoyin the family life. I had to make some life changes because I had changed. But truly, just focusing on my family and its a blessing!

2. Curious minds want to know – how did you come up with the porn name “Rogue Blackmon”? LOL 
Well After my 1st shoot, I gave it like a month with long hard thoughts on who I want my alter ego to be!!! I always been a X-Man fan and my favorite character, Rogue, stuck out. I love the way she touch someone and take there power.

3. How did you get into the adult industry? Did someone recruit you or was it a desire to do it? 
No desire!! Well at the time I was a manager @ Bally’s Total Fitness and doing alot traveling. Also I was dating Capone!! LOL You know the rest!! But after the 1st shoot, I loved it.

4. You’re from the Philly area, which is also the home to other famous porn stars (i.e. Remy Mars, Shorty J, Venom, and more). Did you all know each other before starring in adult films?
 Actually no!! We all from different paths…… You know Philly spits outs stars. LOL

5. Your public introduction to urban porn began with Dawgpound USA back in the mid 2000’s. How was it working for them? What was your first day on the set of porn movie like? 
I love Dawgpound. To this day still do!!! It was fantastic….

6. You’ve been in the adult industry, as an erotic dancer/porn start for several years now. Did you think you would have been in the adult industry this long? 
Well I never thought i was goin be in it at alll!! But once I got started I realized it was a job (career) so of course gave it my all.

7. Now that you have been in the adult business, as an erotic dancer and porn star, for some time, do you have any regrets? If you could start all over, would you go into this business? 
Nope!! No regrets. Doin porn tought me so much about myself. I embraced it, and still it keeps me one step above the rest.

8. Does your family know you are in the adult film business? If so, what are their thoughts? 
Some do, but not all. But I will say my family is totally supportive of me. I’m truly blessed with that.

9. What was your childhood like in Philly?
I grew in North Philly from a single parent household. My mom is truly a strong black woman. She played no games!

10. When you started out doing porn, all of your scenes were safe sex videos. As you ventured away from Dawgpound USA, you ventured into Bareback/Raw (i.e. Machofuckers) and Fetish porn (Forbidden Funk Media). Was this by choice? 
Of course!!

11. Continuing on Bareback/Raw sex, I’m sure you are full aware that its making a comeback in porn. From a business perspective it outsells, condom based sex. Some within the community and health profession believe it has lead to the rise in HIV infections, particularly with young Black/Latino males. What is your take on their analysis? 
We know money is the root of all evil!! But thats just a part of it, We all have conscious and intuition. We know right from wrong and we all live in a financially demanding world. There is only one Judge.

12. For all the experience you have had in porn, what changes would you like to see in the porn industry? 
A union!! Fair pay wages for black and white models.

13. During your porn career, you have worked with some sexy men. Which porn stars did really enjoy working with? 
Jay Scorpio, Brick, Stone.

14. When you agreed to do a film, do you have a say so in whom you work with? 
Yes as a veteran performer. That has turned into a requirement.

15. To give an optimal performance, what is required of the guy you have a scene with? (i.e. body type, etc.) 
Total sense of self and swag!! Normally when I have a shoot, I don’t cum the whole week prior! I suggest the same of my partner!!

16. For future films, which porn stars, that you haven’t had the opportunity to work with, would you like to do a scene with? 
Romance, Rock, Dream

17. Throughout your career, you have showcased great versatility. You’re popularity was steeped in your rugged sexiness, natural masculinity along with a nice dick and muscle ass. Even better, you weren’t afraid to explore sex as a top and bottom. When not on film, are you a more top or more bottom or truly versatile?
I’m me all day!! I dont use those labels

18. You have done both 1-1 scenes, 3somes and group sex!. Which do you prefer more? How about in your private life – do you prefer 1-1? 3somes/Groups?
I like 1-1….. I’ve become very private.

19. Do you prefer to fuck a smooth or hairy ass? When being fucked, do you prefer the dick to be long or thick or both? 
I like a smooth ass!! I doesn’t matter how the dick is as long as he knows how to fuck!

20. As mentioned earlier, you started to venture into fetish films with Forbidden Funk Media. Are you willing to do any more fetish films? What fetishes are you willing to do? 
Sure!  Role playing, Spanking, etc.

21. People can have a one-dimensional view of porn stars. What would you say are some misconceptions people have about you? 
That we are easily obtainable!! That we are un educated. With no future endevors!! We come in all shapes and sizes and back grounds.

22. Are you currently single? Has your work in the adult industry caused problems when it comes to dating/relationships? 
Yes, I’m currently single. Yes dating has been problematic because many people’s biased opinions about porn stars.

23. When did you lose your virginity?
12 years ago
24. Many probably don’t know that you are working on a variety of projects, outside of porn, one of them being a certified personal trainer. Let your fans know what you are doing outside of the porn world! 
I currently have inventions that are being patented. I’m also a event planner. I planned and arranged Machofucker’s first sex party last year. And I’m also working on a TV show.

25. In the next 5 – 10 years, do you still plan to be in the adult biz or retired from all of it? If not, what are your plans after retiring from the adult biz? 
No, I’m actually transforming my knowledge and abilities to become a motivational speaker for the gay community in conjunction to the adapting heterosexual community!!

26. When “Rogue” is not entertaining the world, what do you do to unwind? What do you like to do in your spare time (i.e. hobbies)? 
Spades, decorate, workout, cook

27. What is something your fans might be shocked to know about you! 
A few things actually. I was relentlessly bullied and teased as a kid. I was teased about being skinny with a big head and fucked up bottom lip. Also when I was 13 months, I bit into a tv cord and my big brother pulled the cord out my mouth shocking himself and in turned shocked me almost causing death. 

28. Here are Raw Daddy’s list of “quickee” questions I ask each interviewee.
· Name 5 of your favorite entertainers (it can be music, actors, etc.) 
Lil Wayne, Adele, Frank Ocean, Lautyn Hill, Jill Scott.
· What’s your favorite color? 
· What’s your favorite movie? 
Sister act 1 & 2
· Boxers or Briefs or No Underwear 
Boxer Briefs
· Philly or New York 
New York
· Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj 
Lil Kim
· If you could be any superhero, who would it be and why? 
· If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
Barack Obama

29. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans? Do you have a website or blog where your fans can reach you?
Thank you guys for years of continuous support!! And coming this summer, I got Rogue and so many other dimensions of myself!!
You can reach me via Facebook or email –
Facebook – Rogue Blackmon

Gay Bashing in Atlanta

Well with all the progress the LGBT is making (i.e. Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Same Sex Marriage, etc.), we still have to deal with very ignorant people who have internalized their homophobia and in turn used violence on others to repress their feelings. And to see this happen in Atlanta which is truly the gay black mecca of the South is disturbing. Sadly, both gay and str8s have this love for thugs. And if that is the case, I would hope you would reconsider after watching this video. Also, I doubt we will see a large amount of gay/bi men of color denounce this violence and rally around the victim like they would gather for a Beyonce concert, or Sex Party or pack a club to see the cutest boys. 😦
You can view the video below or by clicking here!. It’s very hard to look at!