Reggie and Kim

Reality starlet Kim Kardashian and the New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush have broken up … Both are “very sad” about the split …

“They love each other a lot and hope someday they can make it work. But for now, he starts his football season this week and Kim starts filming season four of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and they just need this time apart.”

Bush and Kardashian first started dating in April 2007.

Now is it me or are you glad they aren’t getting married? I couldn’t for the life of me understand what Reggie saw in this piece of trash. I mean she has been with like half the black men in hollywood. LOL. Her pussy is far from clean!

Now, hopefully, Reggie will be true to himself and find himself a good MAN! 🙂

Pillow Talk with Raw Daddy: Osian

Pillow Talk is my interview series with adult stars of both gay and str8/bi porn.

My next interview is with super sexy Power Bottom porn star: Osian.

1. Tell us about yourself (age, where you from, etc.)

Man there’s so much to say about that. I have never been all that good at those type of questions but the quick run down. Born in NY, moved when I was about 13 with my fam, the when I turned a senior in high school I moved out of my parents house and rented this apartment with this crazy girl that I knew. Turned 18 is when I started moving all over the world from Seattle, to Oklahoma, Cali to Mexico to Spain. A real here there and back again kind of story. Anyway I now live 90% of the time in NYC with the other 10% traveling. What else, I’m 1st born in my family living in the states and I only speak a Newyorican spanish lol, go figure.

2. How long have you been in the adult industry?

I have been in the adult ( film ) industry now for about 2 years, but I have been doing nude work for longer.

How did you get into the adult industry?

I got into the adult industry very random, but to be honest, around the time that I broke up with my long term boyfriend is when I decided to go full speed ahead into porn and not looking back lol

Was being in porn a dream of yours or something that just kind of happened?

Ha, never really a dream. Although I would love one day to meet someone who always dreamed of being in this business. LOL It did just kind of happen and it’s a tough business. To me and I’m sure a lot of the adult models out there will agree, it’s a lot tougher than the other areas of modeling and other forms of entertainment.

Does your family know you are in the adult film business? If so, what are their thoughts?

Yeah my family knows. In fact they have known for a while but didn’ say anything. But there is one thing I want the fans to know. I am not close to my family, any of them. So I could really care less. LOL and if they had asked me, I would have told them and even showed them of the videos. But yeah they know.

What was your first day on the set of porn movie like?

My first day on set was so funny, not nervous at all, but funny. My first shoot was in Barcelona and that night that I landed in my apartment I started drinking some wine and then more then more, some more, well I ot the brave idea to go walking around outside, lol and got lost. I spent about 4 or 5 hours trying to remember how to get back to the apartment. LOL I ended up getting more wine to walk around with. By the time I was supposed to shoot, I had only like 2 hours of sleep and was half drunk, but know one cared, they were either drunk or hung over themselves lol.

7. When we first met, I mentioned to you that I will start my own production company that will put a positive, mature and fresh face of Men of Color in porn! Much of the porn for black and latinos are mainly based on negative stereotypes perpetuated by both whites and black/latinos. What is your take on this?

I agree, and I keep saying to myself not everyone minority has sex in the manner of let’s call it ” thug “.

What changes would you like to see in the porn industry?

I would really like to see porn develop into more of a respectful area of entertainment. I can’t express that enough. I sometimes won’t even mention the porn side of being a full time model because as soon as you mention porn that’s all people see. So very frustrating. Why not have a union, actors have, why can’t we.

9. What has your experience been like working with smaller “boutique” studios (i.e. Machofucker, PapiThugz)?

It’s been an experience, but it’s all an experience. I will say though, the one thing I have learned is that just because a company looks like a boutique company doesn’t mean they are.

Do you have a desire to work with major studios? If so, which ones?

I do, in fact my agent is working on it even as we speak. I have 2 big industry powerhouses in discussions.

Condom-less sex is making a comeback in porn. Even major studios that now shoot condom only movies, are releasing “classic” movies that feature raw/bareback sex. What is your take on the raw/bareback comeback in porn?

Hey you to each there own, I am not one to say how run a company, what should be shot, or even who should be doing bareback films or safe sex films because at the end of the day it’s all entertainment. It’s person out in the world barking the loudest about not having bareback films who behind closed doors is fucking RAW all the time. So I don’t want to hear it. I get asked that all the time and it seems like I can’t get away from it.

Name some porn stars you have really enjoyed working with!

My all time fave for now is 3Trez from BiLatin men, he was sexy, cool. great dick, hot TATS, sexy, oh I said that already lol. But let’s see, you know I have to give my boy Lex props, Scott Alexander mmm, oooofffffff and Santiago – doesn’t get much yummier than that lol.

Who would you like to work with that you haven’t so far?

To be up front, I don’t keep track, the question would be a lot easier if you asked what models from what studios, then I would say the Raging Stallion men, Alexander Pictures, some of the real men out there and not boys, lol this is a lot of cake to handle and you have to know what you are doing. LOL kidding ( serious lol )

Would you star in a Bi or Str8 porn movie? Any str8 stars in particular you would work with?

Sure why not, why not see if my dick will react to a hot female. It would be fun. St8 stars to work with only b/c it would be good PR would be Jenna Jameson.

How and when did you lose your virginity?

Virginity lost at 12, how?? lol being curious kids and yes folks it was with a girl.

16. In a few of your movies you have done some fetish play (i.e bondage, dom/sub roleplay). Did you enjoy it? If so, what kind of fetish play do you enjoy most?

I did, the best being tied up.

17. You have mainly done both 1-1 scenes and 3somes. Which do you prefer more? If your private life, do you prefer 1-1? 3somes/Groups?

Honestly for filming 1 on 1 b/c you can really get some really hot shit on film where as with the 3somes the cam guy is trying to get so much that the focus get lost. That’s just my opinion. In my private life, both as long as there is a connect between all 3. But lol, I REALLY want to do a gang band in private with like 10 or more and I’m the only bottom. ahah yes sir. Now that would be hot.

18. What’s your favorite position to fuck?

On my back!

In most of your films you have been a serious power bottom. Are you one outside of your films? Will your fans ever see you top someone? LOL

I’m even more so a power bottom of cam, HUGE HUGE power bottom. Will I ever top on Cam, you know I have been thinking about it, not considering it, but thinking about and if I do it will be on my own site or video that I produce.

20. What turns you on about a man – both sexually or non sexually!

I love masculinity, love it love it. That feet, but in socks. Yep I have a fetish, just don’t put them on me, I just like to look at them lolol. Turn off’s , OK biggest when I go to suck dick and the nuts smell like funk. WASH YOU DICK AND NUTS people don’t just skim. There is a lot of sweat going on down there. I had this one guy, in Palm Springs in fact at the awards who pulled it out, I almost passed the fuck out. I told him he had to wash those bad boys lol, lololol, that bitch tried to tell me that it was just a manly smell. what the fuck, he had to go. Non sexual would be queens, be gay, be proud, but be a man.

Are you single? In a relationship? If you are in a relationship, how has it affected your relationship being in the adult industry?

I’m single dating a few people. There have been a few guys who wanted more and the feeling was somewhat mutual, but they would start dating me and tell me that I had to stop doing what I do. My take on that is why date me to try to change me, NOPE not standing for it. At this point this is more than a job, it’s my life style. I’m not one of those models who do a video for extra money, this is my job.

Where do you see yourself in the next few years in regards to the porn industry?

I see myself still in front of the cam but doing great quality movies and I also see me behind becoming one of the best around.

23. Do you have a website or blog where your fans can reach you?

I do have a website just launched it yesterday. Osian’s View ( ) It’s going to be more than just a porn site. More of a entertainment porn site. We are going to have actual shows interviewing on cam with other stars, hot tops, cooking, gym workouts etc. It’s going to be fantastic. I also have 2 other websites launching in a few months. Be on the lookout.

24. Here are Raw Daddy’s list of questions I ask each interviewee.

· Name 5 of your favorite music artists

Jimmy Hendrix, Madonna, Lil Kim, The Doors & Manu Chau

· What’s your favorite color?


· What’s your favorite curse word?

Fuck ( formerly Shit )

· What do you fear the most?

Losing everything and not being to get back on my feet.

· Boxers or Briefs or No Underwear

At home and at my best friends house no clothes at all, maybe a towel

· New York City or Los Angeles


· What’s your favorite lube?

Vaseline Cocoa Butter

· McDonald’s or Wendy’s


· Do you like the dick cut or uncut? Long or Thick?

Doesn’t matter as long as it’s clean & the thicker the better

· If you can be anywhere (i.e. islands, city, etc), where would it be and why?

I would be sitting in a little tavern close to the beach in Barcelona sipping on sangria. B/c that place has always touched my soul

25. Thanks so much for your time. Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

Everyone out there in cyber would, please check out Osian’s View. It’s going ground breaking and you should be part of it.

In Memoriam – E. Lynn Harris

Sad news on the literary/entertainment front. Popular Author E. Lynn Harris has died while on a West Coast tour of his latest book “Basketball Jones”. He was 54.

I have all his books. I loved his writing style and him addressing LGBT issues in his book in a manner that was not derogatory! I remember sneeking to get his first book “Invisible Life” from a Black Expo in the 90’s. LOL

“Invisible Life”, “Just As I Am”, and “Basketball Jones” are my 3 favorite books from him.

Wow. Totally sudden and unexpected.

Rest in Peace E. Lynn Harris

Check out this video below of E. Lynn Harris talking about how he got started writing, etc.

Cheryl Lynn – Encore

Another Friday and another classic old school jam.

Here is a classic song from Cheryl Lynn. I think this is her 2nd most popular song after the Iconic “Got To Be Real”.

Get into the video below. I get a giggle looking at how gay the men are in these videos from back in the day. LOL