A Great Day for the LGBT Community

Today the Supreme Court made history, in a 5-4 decision in both cases, by striking down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and upholding the Appeals Courts decision that Prop. 8 is unconstitutional. 

It’ll be a matter of months before California will be the 13th state in the union to allow same sex marriage.


Here is the full scrip for the ruling on DOMA, click here!

Here is the full script for their ruling on Prop 8

The end of "Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell"

As of 12:01am on Tuesday, the discriminatory law, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was repealed and now openly gay men and women can now serve our country without hiding! Many thanks to President Obama and the congressmen and congresswomen who made it possible to repeal this law.

OUTSERVE, has a great issue out now that celebrates this historic change in military policy. Covering the issue is Two Time Iraq war veteran Anthony Woods who unsuccessfully ran for Congress in the 10th District in California. The current OUTSERVE magazine highlights over a 100 once faceless military personnel who were either discharged or currently serving the military.

In Memoriam – Rev. Peter Gomes

Rev. Peter Gomes, a Harvard Professor and Minister, who came out back in 1991 to combat gay bashing on Harvard’s campus and was a strong proponent of same sex marriage, passed away from a heart attack. He was 68. He wrote many books including his best seller – “The Good Book – Reading the Bible with Heart and Mind”.
You can read more about him here and here!
Check out his video on what Jesus would think of Same Sex Marriage!

GLO TV – Urban LGBT Network

A new network, GLO TV, catering to People of Color in the LGBT will premiere this weekend in Atlanta during Black Gay Pride. My boy, Maurice Jamal (i.e. Dirty Laundry, Ski Trip, etc) is the President/CEO of the company and I think this is a great thing. After how LOGO dropped the ball with “Noah’s Arc” this is much needed. There is a strong possibility of me hosting a talk show about sexuality for the network. So contact Maurice and let him know you want the show and want me to host it.

You can check out more about GLO TV here. Below is the events celebrating the launch of the network!

Movie of the Month – Brother to Brother

Brother to Brother is a great movie starring the sexy Anthony Mackie who plays a student who befriends a homeless man, Bruce Nugent, who was a fixture in the Harlem Renaissance. He educates him on Langston Hughes, Zora Neale Hurston and others and their secret gay life during those times.
The movie was a hit with the film festivals and had a limited release. I highly recommend this film for your DVD library. A great film that chronicles Black and LGBT history.
You can purchase the film at Amazon !

Transman wins IML 2010

Over the weekend, I was in Chicago for International Mr. Leather. I’m usually there to buy the latest in leather/fetish gear and handle some ONYX business especially our famous ONYX Old School Dance. This year, the actual IML competition was a must see because for the 1st time there were 5 men of color contestants and a transsexual FTM (female – to – male) running for IML.

Below is video of Tyler McCormick. 1st Runner up was Lance Holman, Mr. San Francisco, and a future ONYX member of ONYX – San Francisco.

Visible Lives: Three Stories in Tribute To E. Lynn Harris

“Visible Lives” is a powerful tribute to the late Harris in which three authors present new novellas in the genre E. Lynn helped to create. Dean conceived the idea and concept for the tribute book, “Visible Lives” and enlisted the contributions of fellow authors Stanley Bennett Clay and James Earl Hardy.

Terrence Dean

In “Visible Lives,” readers are introduced to three novellas House of John, The Intern and Is it Still Jood to Ya. In House of John, Jesse Templeton is a thirty-eight year old freelance photographer still reeling from a recent breakup with his live-in boyfriend Sean. He thinks he’s done with love -that is until finds he starts falling for a gorgeous local at an annual sex retreat in Santo Domingo. In The Intern, workaholic television executive Chase Kennedy finds himself drawn to the office’s new intern, sexy college student and basketball star Quincy Thornberry. Things couldn’t be going better until Chase learns that Quincy’s father may be the man he lost both his virginity and his heart to years prior. Lastly in Is It Still Jood to Ya?, actor Raheim Rivers is anxious to be reunited with his lover Mitchell Crawford after being away a long time. Uncertain about the future of their relationship, Raheim and Mitchell are forced to confront their issues and each other when a summer blackout strands them together in New York.

The book is in stores today!

DC says yes to Same Sex Marriage

The DC City Council, by a 11-2 vote, has approved Same Sex marriage. The bill now goes to Mayor Fenty who says he will sign it. It will go to Congress which will most likely approve DC’s City Council/Mayor’s approval.

I think I need to move back up North since the South is no way near legalizing same sex marriage.
Check out the video below and take a listen to the black couple who expresses their joy on the decision. (3:52 mark)