Where are they now? — Shorty J

For my porn lovers out there. What on earth happened to Shorty J? He undeniably was one of the best porn starts in the 2000’s and just hasn’t been seen in anything in over 2-3 years. I loved him in all his movies. He had great sex appeal, incredibly versatile (but better as a bottom) and just an all out freak!

blast-from-past-shortyj-shorty-j-gay-pornstar-bwheaven-booty_1 tumblr_mort1lDkWW1ss6rj1o2_500 blast-from-past-shortyj-shorty-j-gay-pornstar-bwheaven-booty_8 blast-from-past-shortyj-shorty-j-gay-pornstar-bwheaven-booty_4 SHORTY-J

7 thoughts on “Where are they now? — Shorty J

  1. I liked most of his work. Did not like the gunplay involved in some presentations. His hometown can be rough but it does not have to carry over into his, at best, difficult trade.

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