The PAUSE Campaign is social marketing campaign developed by Eight Peace Productions in collaboration with AID Atlanta’s Evolution Project. “PAUSE” is a short film that tells four intertwining tales that connect a group of gay men through their decisions. The film is intentionally vague and open ended. We hope that viewers see themselves, their lovers, & friends in this short film. PAUSE isn’t about safe sex, it’s not about transmission, nor is it about alarming statistics. PAUSE is us. It’s a glimpse into our passion, desire, connections, sex and decisions. We want nothing more than for viewers to ponder the possibilities as they view this short film. Why? Because, the impact of our decisions, sexual or otherwise, goes far beyond infection rates. Our decisions have a tremendous impact on how we see ourselves and how we impact the men in our lives. The film is meant to remind us that everything is a choice and one of the best choices one can make is taking a moment to think. Give yourself a PAUSE. Allow yourself to contemplate before making any decision.

Enjoy this short film!!!

Edna and Peaches in JET in 1970?

Yes it’s true. Thanks to the website “The Root” they have unearthed a photo of JET Magazine recognizing their wedding back in 1970. Can you believe it? WOW. You can read more about it here!

I would love to know if they are still alive and if so, are they still together. I’m sure they have some stories!