Fetish of the Month – Watersports

Watersports (aka golden showers) is play involving urine. Even though some may have a strong reaction when they first hear the term, this is still a very popular activity among Bruthas.

  • Piss is fine on the outside of the body, but if there are any cuts on the outside of the skin don’t urinate (piss) near the opening(s). And remember, a pimple is also a cut.
  • Taking piss in your mouth is considered to be a low-risk activity for contracting HIV, but if you have an infected bladder there is a high risk of catching other STIs.

  • Whatever you eat or drink will have an impact on your piss. Drinking lots of water or beer is recommended for diluting the color and flavor of the urine, and is recommended. Eating certain types of green vegetables (especially asparagus) can give your piss an off color, smell, and taste. But certain fruits (especially pineapples) can give it just the right flava!
  • Showering/bathing with soap and warm water after watersports is highly recommended.

For more information on watersports, check out this book by Joseph Bean – Soaked! The Watersports Handbook for Men !