Michael & Jamil Cole

Michael and Jamil are the closest thing to celebrity black gay couple. Why you might ask? Well start if off with their wedding was the talk of much internet chatter, both positive and negative. Unfortunately, the negativity came from many within the black community, especially jaded, scorned women. It got so bad, that a woman was fired from Morehouse College for sending out mass email about Michael and Jamil’s wedding and adding her $.02 on what she thought of it. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Well the bitch was fired and now people are on alert on what they send using company computer/email!
I’m posting it because Michael and Jamil give me hope that I might find a husband and we can share our love to the world like many heterosexuals do on a daily basis! I am encouraged by their power of love and willingness to share it with the world.
I’m also encouraged because this will push me to advocate for legislation to have same-sex marriage legal in all 50 states!
Much love and happiness to them both!