XL goes Raw


Now that XL is entering the bareback/raw world of porn, its obvious he will need to pair up with those who do it on the regular…I can see him working with Cutler X, Champ Robinson, Antonio Biaggi, Jerry Stearns, Ray Deisel, Quawn, Troy Moreno and Red. he could also work with Black Breeders and i can see him being top by Big Beef, Drae Dixsem and Shoota (Good flip flop)…Woo, and a few others!.

I’d love to see him doing a scene with Esteban from TimTales. His dick this thick and long!tumblr_nb25b0qdkn1rd45ugo1_1280

xl-21 BoRQuw8CEAAfvAD-510x680 tumblr_npt0luJOik1tm5gsyo3_1280 tumblr_nb25b0qdkn1rd45ugo2_250

One thought on “XL goes Raw

  1. I don’t care who he is with that brother is hotter than fire. He could fuck Donald Trump and still make it look sexy!

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