Pastor Darwin Randolph



Another one of the DL Holy Rolling Preachers got caught cheating on his wife and coming to the ATL, and possibly other cities, to get his “LIFE”!!! From the various pictures, i’m sure he did!

You can get the full details by clicking here . I will admit I never heard of the term “Pineapple Juice Drinker” until I read this article. LOL











I will admit he is sexy though! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pastor Darwin Randolph

  1. I believe the time has come to let people be people. God is fully able to handle every situation without people trying to give report. Busy bodies & gossipping serve little to no purpose.

  2. Everything that’s done in the dark will surely come to light. Never would have imagined that Darwin Randolph, the poster child COGIC narcissist, would have been the primary culprit in exposing his own dirty laundry. No sympathy here, doc! You brought this upon yourself….goes around truly comes around.

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