Monday Men – Reginald Doucet Jr.

Here are some photos of an aspiring model who was murdered in Southern California this year.
You can read more about it here!

3 thoughts on “Monday Men – Reginald Doucet Jr.

  1. Until parents, both mother and father, start disciplining their kids at a very early age, instead of letting them have their own way on everything, these gangs are going to continue to provide fodder for the graveyards. No, it's not ok for dad to have guns in the house, but if he feels a real, compelling need for them, he should keep them SECURELY locked away so 9 year old offspring can't get to them, take them to school and blow away another kid for not letting him use his bike. The neighbourhoods have to take back their streets, because the cops aren't going to do it. Here is proof of the horrible waste.

  2. In this case it was th police to blame. No matter how much he was "resisting arrest", he was Obviously UNarmed. This is murder, straight out and the cop who pulled the trigger should be tried for murder 2.

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