"I Am A Man"

This powerful film addresses the “genesis” of Black male sexual, social, religious and historical experience in America and on the Continent. The voices of noted African American men and women contribute to this narrative about a rarely told story.

One thought on “"I Am A Man"

  1. This sends out a strong and Positive message to all people, that Black men are as important, as intelligent and as human as everyone else. One thing that wasn't addressed is the fact that it is necessary that Black men and women start respecting themselves; it is Not ok even for a Black person to use the "N" word, or any derivative of it. But this has become so ubiquitous that some people are saying it's OK for a white man to be referred to as a "n**er" or a "mandingo". It's time for each person to stand up and be themselves.As for the men and women on the Sunday pulpit, I read two statements I've always remembered. The first is, "Religion is the greatest fomenter of hatred ever devised."The second, "Never let your personal sense of morality prevent you from doing the Right Thing."I applaud the men and women who spoke here and hope that their voice carries out in a ripple across the nation and the world.

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