"Slow" by Darius Clark Monroe

Here is an intense 13 min film short by filmmaker Darius Clark Monroe about online hookups. I thought it was excellent and the actors were great. I would love to hear your comments about this film short.

This video is NFSW so are warned. LOL

You can get more information here!

One thought on “"Slow" by Darius Clark Monroe

  1. I think this short movie is much more than a "on-line hookup movie gone wrong" but its more about the plight of gay men and dating. Both guys had a different agendas on how they wanted this date to happen. I think the author of this movie purposely made the one guy blind to represent how we as gay men blindly jump into a situation without first getting to know a person. The other guy represented our aggressive nature of fuck first ask questions later. When the two of them clashed it represented the ongoing struggle of what gay men want from each other but refuse to communicate this honestly. Whats left after the struggle is two of them sitting facing one another souls completely bare and forced to see each other honestly. Were do we go from here?

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