Treasure Island Fined by Cal/OSHA; Appeal Pending

San-Francisco based Treasure Island Media is appealing three fines levied against the company for workplace safety violations by Cal/OSHA. The studio produces all-male condomless content. A story published on Friday by industry publication XBIZ pinged around the gay-media-gossip blogosphere over the weekend and said TIM was found in violation of workplace safety regulations by permitting its performers to engage in condomless sexual activity. The citations total more than $21,000, noting TIM “has not developed procedures for methods of compliance, including engineering controls and work practices; Hepatitis-B vaccination, post-exposure evaluation and follow up; communication of hazards to employees; and recordkeeping.” An agency safety engineer said the citations were not issued due to the presence of HIV-positive models; rather, it was “performers having unprotected sex and other technical issues.” TIM General Manager Matt Mason told XBIZ the company cooperated with Cal/OSHA’s investigation. “We have appealed the citations and participated in the informal conference process and expect to take the matter to a hearing in 2011 with an administrative law judge,” he said.

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